What If Movies Were Reviewed In The Same Way As Video Games?

What if movies were reviewed in the same way as video games? Something Awful has an idea of what that would read like: "The film runs at a steady 24 frames per second with very few frame drops." And a 9.6 means we're guaranteed a World War Z sequel right?


    Wow, this is bottom of the barrel when it comes to kotaku articles, not even an image.

    Also, its an asinine comparison to make, and something that should be expected from SA.

      i though it was a great take that at game reviews from places like IGN, Gamespot, Offical platform mags (ps3, 360, pc, ) etc

      There are some people that treat interactive media the same way they treat non-interactive media. You know, as entertainment.

    I think this articles a little on the short side...

      You must be new to kotaku. Have a look at plunkett and bashcrafts one liner articles.

    What if news reports on Kotaku were written in the same way as real journalists? Journalism is an idea of what that would read like: “I read an interesting article on Kotaku today” And an interesting article means website visitors, right?

    I find that most movies have pretty terrible, and sometimes non-existent gameplay.

      Agreed, except MGS4, that movie was alright in terms of gameplay.

    don't forget non of it would be allowed into Australia

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    I liked the part where they took one thing and then applied it to a second, completely different thing. Boy, those two things sure are different! Classic.

    The Phantom Menace:

    The graphics are really good but the dialogue is terrible. The main characters don't animate very realistically, they seem wooden and not very human. The story doesnt make any sense but the combat is alright. I hope they don't make anymore sequels.

      You forgot the rating out of ten. That review suggests a 7 or 8.

    See, I get that it's supposed to be funny, but if anyone actually wrote a review for a game like that, I wouldn't have much respect for their opinion. So it didn't end up being funny, for me.

    I think that if films were reviewed like games the running time would suddenly be the most important factor. Sometimes the length of a game is deemed so important that it is in the review headline! For some fucked up reason longer games are always seen as better. I guess its a bang for your buck thing. Personally I find almost every game I play to be far to stretched out, and I could have had just a good a time if it was half as long!

      Give this man a medal.

    Never been to that site before... but I think I know why it's called "Something Awful" :/

    Movies might actually get better... Instead of the shit we get now.

    a better article... what if movies were rated (in Australia) like games?!

    The reviews would be terrible. People would complain because they cant do anything....

    that was great, alot better then every other movie review ive seen, i want more like that, might actualy make me wanna watch the movie, world war z looks great that way

    He probably could have fit this article in a twitter post.

    Pulp Fiction Review

    The bottom line: An excellent film that manages to push the DVD player to the limit. Runs at a constant 24 frames per second, however we noticed a few bugs that should hopefully be ironed out in a future release - Namely stuff like bullets appearing in walls before the characters even shoot.

    Bruce Willis' face had a pretty high polygon rate. They really did a good job with the character models on this one. The story was a little disjointed, but the New Film + mode would help fill in any gaps.

    Multiplayer support wasn't too great, but that could be due to the lack of space on the 2-seater couch that was used when reviewing this film.

    Can't wait for the DLC!

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