You Can Have Some Real-Life Mario Kart Adventures With This

To be a kid in 2013, man. Look at this eletric vehicle Razor has made, it's called "Crazy Cart." I don't think it's meant for me, but damn, I want one of these. They're like mini go-karts.

Although not released until now, the concept existed 7 years ago, but "the powers-that-be were sceptical that people would understand what it is/does, let alone want to buy one; so this amazing concept sat on the shelves for years" according to Razor.

Green Car Reports says the kart can support up to 140 pounds, and it can speed up to 12 miles an hour. These will be sold at Toys R Us for $US399.99. Pricey!

Razor Launches New, All-Electric Performance ... Ummmm ... Vehicle [Green Car Reports via Joel Johnson]


    Well I'm 6 foot tall and 75kg, not for me unfortunately. My wife would fit nicely though

    For those wondering, that's a maximum load of 63.5 kg and a top speed of 19.3 k/h.
    That just happens to be enough to support my short, lanky self. Boo yah!

    ... Just get a bike?

    You could also build something similar but petrol powered yourself for ~$400. Seems like a much better thing to invest in for your kids.. You know, what with the spending time together and what not.

      Not everyone has those skills to build their own.

      because everyone just knows how to build a go kart....

        @sous - you guys only do things you already know how to do ? Seems like a bad way to live to me heh..

        I have built several, and I am a programmer and don't even have kids haha. It's part of the fun - sit down, plan it out, research how others have done it, and make it happen :) Learning is fun, and for dads, should be an important thing they teach their kids, IMO.

          I'm sure there's heaps of things that other people do that you don't and they'd sit there and say "Why can't this guy just do x/y/z it's simple....."
          I'd say throwing kids into your life will massively change your outlook on things as well haha.

          I like your ethos but I just don't think it's that easy to take on a challenge like that out of the blue.

            I never said it was easy.. My first one took me a year to get running.. I think you're missing my point entirely. :)

    "were sceptical that people would understand what it is/does"

    Uhm... are they deranged?

    This short video alone would be enough to convince every kid in the world that they want one..

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