StarCraft World Champion Beaten By 16-Year-Old Kid

Korean StarCraft player INnoVation is by far the best in the world since the first expansion Heart of the Swarm came out. But he just got beaten by another StarCraft pro gamer who's only 16 years old.

This stylish recap on Blizzard's World Championship Series channel summarises why teenage Maru's flawless 4-0 victory against INnoVation in the ongoing WCS counts as a big success. If you pay enough attention you can see that the key to defeat INnoVation — besides playing with lightning speed — might be early aggression and not being greedy at all.

This type of drama is what makes StarCraft II awesome as an eSport.

Maru Dethrones Innovation [YouTube]


    check the demeanor of both players. true class, none of that "inyourfaceillbeatyourmomsplace" crass

      Yeah this is why I'd be the worst professional gamer....

    I've never really liked competitions such as this, makes my own skills look very inadequate. :)

    This isn't that uncommon. The median age is under 20...

    To be fair he's not just a '16 year old kid', Maru has been quality for a fair while now. One thing that Maru has obviously added to his game recently is his ability to plan for a series effectively, like MVP is so good at. And this is an example of perfect match planning against one of the greediest terrans around

      Calling Maru a kid really is doing him a disservice. He's been competing in GSL and at other high level competitions for over and year.

      Life and Leenock have both been very successful since they were 16 and Flash has been competing at the highest level since he was just 14.

      To an outsider, a kid beating a champ might seem like a way to tell this but it just isn't what happened.

    lol to think this culture of Starcraft came from the IMF bailout and the downturn in the Korean Economy.

    It must be annoying having to type INnoVation every time with the capitals like that.

    I don't get it.

      It's surprisingly common that progamers have odd capitalisation in their names. HuK, IdrA, Australia's own mOOnGLaDe and a good number of others.

      Some of these are older names that they're stuck with but INnoVation recently changed his handle from Bogus.

      Bogus was a rad name. Wish he'd kept it because I love the idea of the best player having that name.

    I like to see if the person was 12yo only played SC for 4months and beats a world champion SC player. That be hilarious and a good plot to make a underdog Hollywood movie about.

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