3DS Update Adds StreetPass Relay Points, Removes Need For Real People

3DS Update Adds StreetPass Relay Points, Removes Need For Real People

Hear that? It’s the rural America’s sprawling masses roaring their approval for Nintendo’s latest 3DS update, allowing North American owners to exchange StreetPasses for games via one of the country’s more than 29,000 Nintendo Zone locations instead of sitting in the empty mall cradling their console and crying.

Living in the suburbs myself, I only get StreetPasses at major events, so I am thrilled to learn I’ll now be able to contract StreetPasses like some sort of happy disease from locations like McDonald’s or Starbucks — wherever a Nintendo Zone is found. Visitors to these locations will leave their info hanging about, and the next folks to come along will walk right into them like spiderwebs, sticky and pleasing.

There’s a video explaining how this all works over at Nintendo. Let’s just say StreetPasses are going viral, and North america is now connected in a giant, undulating, sweaty, naked mass of 3DS owners. There is glee here.


  • Never been a fan of this idea. I mean it’s cool and all, but it kind of eliminates the magic of StreetPass.

  • I like the theory of street pass but it doesn’t play out well at all in real life. If I walk around the city as a 23 year old with a 3DS in the hope of atleast 13 year olders to walk by with their 3DS’s, I’m just gonna look like a d*** and a creep.

    • Well if you’re holding it out, waving it at kids to see their reaction to judge if they’ve got one or not.

      EDIT: Dear god, I was referring to the 3DS. NOTHING ELSE.

    • It works wireless you know right? You don’t need to find someone else with a 3DS and rub them together.
      I do at 40minute commute into the Sydney CBD most mornings and I’ll normally get a couple of hits with my 3DS in my bag on sleep mode.

      • I get on average 5 a day walking from brissy central station to my office and back in the arvo.
        my 3DS just sits in my laptop bag, one of the most used features on my 3DS is the streetpass.

  • So only works in USA then? Still useless for us forever-aloners down this side of the world.

  • Yeah, I’m not usually one to complain about the way kotaku AUS handles themselves but this article is pretty redundant to an Australian audience, and could also be misread. I’m not saying don’t publish the article, but at the very least trying to contextualise the headline or something could make it a little less confusing to the readers.

    As for the news, I really hope we get this feature, I take my 3DS in the heart of Sydney city daily and will be lucky to get 1 or 2 hits a day. I really need to finish my puzzles

    • Im late to this but i know how you feel. being an aussie in rural victoria is impossible to get any hits.

  • StreetPass is plainly something great in Japan which doesn’t do as well overseas – in Tokyo, I’ll get HUNDREDS (quite literally) of hits in a single day.

    In Sydney? It’s a big day if I get three.

    Outside of Japan, it’s mostly a convention thing – take it to PAX, and you’ll get hundreds of hits. Otherwise? Good luck.

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