Dota Is Very Scary And This Is Why

Hands up who is afraid of playing Dota? I'm going to go right ahead and assume that absolutely everyone who isn't already playing Dota has just raised their hand. Yes, Dota is tough, Dota isn't accessible to noobs and, worse, its community has a reputation of being brutally aggressive to noobs who would dare sully their game with their dirty, dirty noobishness. This top notch satirical video does a great job of justifying all of my fears!

It's a mock instructional video for newcomers to Dota, and does a great job of skewering its notoriously unforgiving community. It's brilliant. And it just keeps getting better. So watch it. All of it.

(I particularly like the surreal part where someone drinks Gabe Newell's sweat.)

Thanks Nathan!


    Not everybody is a dick :) come play Serrels, it'll be fun, honest!

    I have no idea what DOTA is. After half a video, I want to know what it is - just so I can avoid it.
    Yes I'm afraid. Afraid of losing a single minute of my precious life to something that looks incredibly lame.

      think your on the wrong site then bro

      Me either.

      But it smells like some kind of ungodly World of Warcraft/Diablo hybrid which I would never want to play in a million years.

    You don't know what dota is...?

      Yeah, I think he established that in his post. Still, keep it up; never miss a chance to shame someone for not knowing about something you like/hate. Elitism is the grease that keeps the world running.

    I finished the tutorial, but haven't gone online yet. I don't have time for rude pricks who take games way too serious.

      You get a mix and there are assholes in that mix.

      The other night, I played for a few hours. Sometimes I got matched up with people who would basically cheer whenever our team did anything. Some happy little voice chat and an overall fun game. Other times, I'd run into complete asshats who decided that because of one early fuck-up, they'd spend 45 minutes raging at me, telling me to disconnect while still playing terrible themselves.

      It's a fun game. The problem is that bad games tend to drag on and disconnecting is something that you really shouldn't do, so you feel trapped.

    Ive found when im playing even if i am failing horribly and feeding the other team very rarely does my team get offensive, the usual stop feeding pls will pop up but i don't get the same level of abuse that i found in HON, or LOL. There are always dicks in any type of game personally i found fps gamers to be the most abusive.

      I agree. In fact more often than not I've found that people will give you helpful tips if you're failing. But it was a lot worse when i played about a year ago. I think people should try again it's gotten a lot better. You still have some jerks though.

    Ironically enough, I think it's the noobs who are the most abusive in DOTA. Once you get past a certain level the abusive asshats seem to be few and far between.

    Bastard, why didn't you link this to the rest of us before we had to find it on Kotaku.... or did you and I am just an idiot.

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