ESPN Used To Show Magic Card Tournaments (Seriously!)

ESPN’s extra channels are usually home to some weird stuff. I’ve seen everything from baby cow rodeos to re-runs of old 80s strongman competitions. So I guess it shouldn’t be too big a surprise to see that, over a decade ago, ESPN2 was broadcasting…Magic Card tournaments.

This footage is the final of the 2000 Magic World Championships, and shows Jon Finkel up against Bob Maher. It’s not exactly riveting stuff, but the appeal here is that as far back as 2000 ESPN was broadcasting Magic Card tournaments.

Shame they stopped, really. If ESPN can make poker appeal to people watching a TV, surely today’s Magic scene, which features more professional and presentable art, could still work.

These clips are from 2007, but it’s popped back up this week, so if you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a look. Fascinating stuff!

Magic Worlds 2000 Finals Jon Finkel vs. Bob Maher [YouTube, via Destructoid]


  • While I know what Magic the gathering is, from the image I totally thought it was a tournament that involved doing magic tricks with cards. While loading I tried to think of how that would work, maybe the opponent has to figure out the card trick. That would be pretty awesome.

    • What the hell I stayed up to watch poker, they didn’t even take their cloths off! What stupid rules are they playing lol

  • Timely for me, i was recently not doing much on the computer and flicked over to the twitch website to find magic the gathering on the front page, looked at it and among the streams of games in progress there was an actual feed from an american event, commentary and all, so ended up watching some of it, had a look 2 nights ago and believe they are streaming a World Championship event too.

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