Have You Ever Seen Ryse: Son Of Rome’s Co-Op Gladiator Movie?

We’ve seen plenty of combat in Xbox One’s Ryse: Son of Rome, but where’s the love? Why, it’s in the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode, which combines the thrill of gladiatorial combat with the convenience of modular furniture.

It’s like fighting to the death with friends in IKEA.


  • Oh I’ve seen it all right. Like most gamers, I was very concerned after E3’s QTE style offering that Ryse was going to be all graphics, no gameplay but after seeing this and reading the follow up interview, I have completely changed by outlook on Ryse and this is shaping up to be a Day 1 purchase for me.

    I absolutely love the Roman soldier / Gladiator combat theme (especially after watching the movie with Russel Crowe) and this game looks more and more like it’s going to deliver and be a glittering showpiece from day 1.

    I want to see more and above all, I want to damn well play it now.

    Bring it on!

    • I believe it was Mark that wrote an article that the E3 demo was QTE and on rails so people could enjoy it without getting frustrated with a learning curve… Good concept, but kinda shot the devs in the foot with many people being turned off by the prospect of a full QTE game.

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