Japan's Virtual Singing Superstar Finally Made It Out West

Time to put your money where your mouth is, Hatsune Miku fans! Sega asked if we wanted to bring the virtual diva's PlayStation 3 game to the West, and now here we are — Project Diva F launches today on the PlayStation 3 and PSN.

Packed with Japanese songs sung by computer generated voices and an extensive relationship game with gifts and redecorating, Project Diva F is not the sort of game you'd ever expect to see the light of day outside of Japan, but it's on store shelves and coming to the PlayStation Network for $US49.99. Good on Sega for taking the chance.

I've been playing the game much more than I should have this morning, and it's exactly the sort of quirky goodness I was hoping for.

We'll have more on the game later. In the meantime, everyone should buy it forever so Sega brings every silly Japanese thing they can find to us.


    I'm torn. I've got the Vita and PS3 version (both in Japanese) plus three PSP games (JPN also). I feel like I've been supporting the series for years. Should I pony up another $50 to say to Sega, "Yes! Bring more amazing, quirky Japanese games to the west! We will throw money at you!"

      I'd say yes, if you can afford it. I got the JPN Vita version, but am going with the PS3 western version. I'd get a western Vita version if I could, but I can't so, I'll just get a Miku figurine instead :-)

      Exactly the same position- I'm worried it won't be successful because a lot of the hardcore market it is aiming for already owns the original Japanese release... :(


      It's listing release as 6 September. I think this is yet ANOTHER Kotaku US article that has been imported holus-bolus with nary a care given for accuracy.

    do we have any news of when it's getting to Australia

    Hold on. Lemme get a change of pants. Then we can do a celebratory dance :D

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