Modern Mario Has Blood, HD Graphics And...Dragons

Now, there's nothing wrong with the original Super Mario Bros. It's a classic. Still, I can't help but gush over this "modern" take on the game by Deloix; it manages to bring Mario to 2013 without completely shedding its retro roots.

At the very least, I'd play an HD remake that looked like this. I already know the first level looks rad, which gives me confidence in the rest of a hypothetical game in this style. Now if only it was real!

Super Modern Mario Bros. Level 1-2 (new 2013 "gameplay") [Deloix]


    Loved everything except the blood and dark grit-ification. Not everything needs blood.

    At least Mario didn't walk in and say 'Here we go, mother-f***ers'.

      That just read in my head with a mash up of Mario and Toad voices, now I actually want to here that in the video :)

    Quake grenade sounds hit me right in the nostalgia

    Though to be a truly contemporary remake, what it needs are constant ingame tips.
    "Press A to jump. You can jump on most enemies."
    "You just got the fire flower. Press B to launch fire balls"

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