One Of Grand Theft Auto V's Achievements Is... Surprising [Spoilers]

One of Grand Theft Auto V's Achievements Is... Surprising

Xbox360Achievements does their thing once again, this time revealing the achievements for the next Grand Theft Auto. If you'd like to be spoiled on what these are, keep reading — otherwise, steer clear!

You can read the full list of achievements here, but let's talk about "From Beyond The Stars". It'll require you to collect and return spaceship parts. Yes, spaceship parts!

Beyond that, some of you might be interested in hearing that some of these achievements pertain to GTA Online — the mode that won't be available until October 1st. Looks like you'll need to hop online if you want to get the full 1000 achievement points for the game — sorry, singleplayer folks!

Grand Theft Auto V Achievements [Xbox360Achievements]


    Interesting. Sounds like The Truth will be making an appearance.

    Online achievements are no surprise to me, almost every game has them nowadays.

    Why is an article about Xbox chievs under a PC banner?

      even more so when the game for said achievements hasnt even been announced as comming to the PC

      Because the achievements are cross platform. Its just xbox release the list before other platforms.

    I hate online achievements, they can be impossible to get if you don't achievement whore when the game is new and everyone is online.

    This is good news. Looks like the 'expanded' LA area that they are building might incorporate some of Nevada and an Area 69. I wonder if the jetpack might make an appearance?

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