Minecraft Achievements For Xbox 360 Are... A Little Bit Meh

Fun in Minecraft is hardly about achievements, but it's the kind of vague, unguided experience that might benefit from a little direction, particularly for console gamers not used to the whole Minecraft thing. Which is why I'm finding the achievement list for the Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Minecraft a little uninspiring...

You can find the whole list of achievements here, at Xbox360Achievements, but the issue is the fact that the achievements themselves are all so easily achieved.

There's nothing there to inspire the kind of incredible creativity and scale for which Minecraft is traditionally know. Fair enough Minecraft can be practically whatever you want it to be, but I expected the achievements to be more inspired — the scope is endless.

I'm sure you guys could come up with better achievements than this — shoot us some ideas in the comments!

Minecraft Achievements [Xbox360Achievements]


    I'd make one where you have to lure a creeper over 1000 metres from where you first encountered it and call it "Get away from me you creep".

      i can think of a REALY good achievement

      'The Awakening'
      500 gamerscore

      go outside and see there is a real world, get a job and a girlfriend/boyfriend and do somthing with your fucking lives.

      happy minecrafting!

        Looks like someone showed one of our rowing team how to use the internet.

        Look out, nerds!

        Dose not seem it would be that fun or worth it but good try and im sure you can go talk about your problems some where else.

    Another one would be "avoid playing Minecraft for a week"

    No one would be able to do it, that game is insanely addictive.

    Same as PC ones...

      That's what I was just thinking. If people could could figure out what to do with it on the PC, I'm sure they'll be able to figure it out on the 360, too.

      They are largely the same.

        Yeah they kinda look the same as the PC acheivements to me, while I do think it's an acheivement when people build these amazing structures - how on earth would the game even process that, and how would you ensure everyone does the same thing creatively?

      Yeah, some people at Mojang really hate achievements, so that's why we've got the tutorial ones rather than the ones that require you to, for example, kill 200 mobs.

    The difficulty would be in getting the game to acknowledge the achievements. How's it supposed to know if you've built a functioning computer, a network of sky bridges or a monster harvester?

      Exactly! The whole point of Minecraft is that you can and do near anything. How the hell are you supposed to develop achievements around that? Instead Notch went with a rather smart use of achievements: They're the tutorial.

    "There’s nothing there to inspire the kind of incredible creativity and scale for which Minecraft is traditionally know. Fair enough Minecraft can be practically whatever you want it to be, but I expected the achievements to be more inspired — the scope is endless." Well, I play Minecraft on the PC and I don't even pay any attention to the achievements. But yet, I'm HIGHLY addicted to it!

    These are excellent!

    As someone new to this game, this list is for me a really good list of things I should be doing while I'm learning how to play the game.

    Achievement ideas for Xbox360 Minecraft:
    1a: "The End?" - Reach "The End". 1b: "The End." - Beat the final boss and end the game.
    2: "Sky High" - Hit the skybox limits.
    3: "Yabba Dabba Doo!" - Mine so far down you hit Bedrock.
    4: "I AM INVINCIBLE!" - Craft a full set of Diamond Armor (including a Diamond Sword) and kill 200 mobs.
    5a: "A 'burning' Desire" - Fall into lava. 5b: "Burn Heal" - Fall into lava, and stop yourself dying by jumping into water.
    6: "Take your time" - Mine Obsidian using anything but a Diamond Pickaxe.
    7: "Physics 101" - Suffer 10 hearts of fall damage.
    8: "And Now It Feels Like Home" - Craft and sleep in a bed for the first time.
    9: "Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" - Travel 400M at top speed on a minecart rail.
    10: "Your boss called - you're fired" - Accumulate 150 hours of playtime in one week.

    Anyone got any better ideas?

      Haha, clever.

      My contribution would be:
      11: In Deep Thought: Create a redwire circuit containing exactly 42 components.
      12: Fear Factor: Stand in a dark area for 1 minute without using any light source.
      13: Let The Right One In: Let a Creeper in through a doorway without it exploding.

      Those are really good!

      Hey these are perfect!!! :D

      11: "Grand finale" -- Jump from above the clouds, and survive."
      12: "Amish Paradise" - Collect 50 eggs, 20 hides, 30 feathers, 30 blocks of wool, and 20 pork slices.
      13: "What the hell was that?" - Encounter a mob underground, in total darkness.
      14: "Living on the edge" - Sleep atop a cliff or mountain.
      15a: "Columbus " - Craft a compass, map and watch. 15b: "Piri Reis" - Completely fill a map.
      16: "Persistence is key" - Die in 4 different ways.
      17: "You don't want to do that..." Place 10 blocks of TNT.
      18a: "Hobbyist" - Fill your inventory. 18b: "Collector" - Fill your inventory and a small chest. 18c: "Hoarder" - Fill your inventory and a large chest.

      ....I'm pretty much done.

      Problem with number 1, The End isn't in the version of the game that the Xbox version is based off.

      you've had way too long to think this one over!!!

    Minecraft for XBLA is good, but will never be the same experience, cause it lacks things like mods and downloadabe maps, although they could be implemented later on.

      Are we sure that you won't be able to share maps?

      Most of the good mods have been implemented into the game anyway, my son is always asking me to get this mod or that (I remember too many items) then they bring out creative mode which pretty much makes that mod redundant!

    So pretty much the same as the PC version in game achievements? Whats so "meh" about that then? You get them for learning things in game. I guess you could find out how to do most if not all of them from reading Minecraft wikia, but still...

    I think maybe some multi-player achievements would have been good. Such as 'Kill a friend' or 'Have three friends join your world'.

    How 'bout an "You finally play Minecraft" achievement? hey hey

    wait till they update it to the full version

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