Minecraft Beta 1.5 Brings Weather, Achievements And More

Minecraft updates to beta 1.5 today, adding achievements, weather effects and various other improvements to Mojang's big bad building game. Be sure to update your servers!


    achievements will be good, I get the whole "make your own fun" deal but after you've dug to the earths core, build a giant statue of yourself, stripped mined a mountain for the hell of it and bult your castle it would be kind of good for a list of goals to do.

      You forgot 'Build a Volcano with a glass tree house suspended above it'

      Or was that just me...

    Fat Shady where's my invite to our Kotaku server?!

    hey fatshady could you email or just post the ip to the kotaku minecraft server and if theres a whitelist add me to it? I've pretty much done everything there is to do on my world, and am very keen for some multiplayer with normal people -_-

    usernames - Angush

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