Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Pushed Back

Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Pushed Back

If you were hoping to get your Presidential groove on come August 20, you’ll have to rein in your excitement a bit longer.

According to EB Games site, the Australian release date has been pushed back a week, to August 30. If you pre-ordered on Steam, you won’t be pleased to hear that the new date listed there is September 20.

Right now, we don’t have any details about why the release date has been pushed back. We’ve contacted Deep Silver, and we’ll have more information on Monday.


  • Sigh… really? Is there anyone who is going to buy SR4 in retail now? More of a reason to import.

    • everyone i know is importing, hell if I wanted to play local co op I would need to import too just cause thats what everyone else has……..I would also need friends but that is another issue altogether

  • “Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Pushed Back” probably cutting and censoring even more good stuff from the game to make it 15+ rating, I just love australia (vomit)

    • They are asking for it by fucking over Australian gamers, why wait when an import will be cheaper and quicker and why wait a month for the PC version when there are quicker “delivery methods”

      • Its not really their fault they have been forced to censor it, which is probably why there is a delay.

        • Well it is in the sense that nobody forced them to censor it. They could have just said, fine we won’t sell the game in Australia. That might’ve actually sent a message. Instead they watered it down of their own accord so as not to lose the precious money they gouge from us.

          • I’m sure that would be a great idea, but the money-grubbing company which runs them merely get the team to work a bit longer, and then they can sell it in Australia.


        • I understand that but it’s not like they have to change a core mechanic of the game, all they had to do was disable a side mission and that’s it, probably like half a days work for the team and not justify the month delay for the PC release, but i do see them using the censoring as the reason for the delay.

        • It is their fault. They could have still sold it online only. The could have sent it direct to consumers via mail order. They could have stood up to the bs laws this government places on us and just sold the game as it.

        • Except if as claimed it’s only a single mission and they are reportedly cutting it not modifying it then they shouldn’t take any time to actually make changes since it would simply just skip those stages.

          • It really annoys me that Australia finally allows R18 games and still bans games or wants them censored. The rating is going to be M15 in Australia after being censored. Why not have it rated R so there is no censorship issues? Keep the game away from the younger audiences. We don’t need someone to give us older gamers permission to play a game. We should be able to play whatever the fuck we want.

            Stupidest thing is, the denied MK9 three times over to be legally sold in Australia, and years later the game is being sold under an R rating.

            Probably not going to be the case for saints unfortunately seeing as they have a censored version sorted.

            Going to get my game overseas like I do for all that I’ve been interested in that are on the aussie ban list. Just sucks that they’re restricted online. And it sucks not being able to game freely.

    • I was considering buying it… now with the censorship and the pushing back of the date uselessly… I’m not saying I’m gonna pirate it but if there’s not an incredibly good reason, I’m not gonna say I’m gonna legally support it…

      • I’m with Smurf, except the pirate stuff…im more likely to import if non aus versions can still mp with other non aus versions

        • I’m simply not buying it at this point.

          Probably later on lol, but at this point GTA V is out then…

    • If people feel like waiting a few days if a legitimate justification for theft … then I just … I don’t even know what to say.

      • No no. They’re plucky freedom fighters fighting the good fight! Put on your Guy Fawkes mask and stick it to the man. How dare they run into delays for reasons we don’t know or understand. He’s probably just doing it on purpose because He hates us and is greedy evil. FIGHT THE POWAH!

        Then go pirate a Humble Bundle because in truth they just don’t want to pay for anything.

        • Or I may just be saying I’m not gonna buy it. People get on their high horses so quickly around here… I’ll be too wrapped up in GTA V by then to even contend with SR 4 anyhow 😛

          Btw, how many people around here have mp3’s on their harddrives… just curious…

          • I didn’t direct at you in anyway and you doth protest too much.

            I’ll be watching you.


          • Wasn’t you I was saying was on his high horse lol.

            I’ve got a shetland pony here, you’re always on a low horse. lol

            There’s a special place reserved in hell for those who pirate humble bundles. Those people get forced to listen to One Direction over and over and over…

            HOW do you do that face!?

          • I got mp3’s on my harddrive I downloaded. I bought cd’s, ripped them from it, they make up some of them too. (Probably the bulk, but there’s definitely pirated ones there…)

            Won’t ever use itunes again after I lost over 1500 dollars worth of mp3’s and they wouldn’t allow me to redownload my library 🙁

            Have to admit though, downloading MP3’s has kinda stopped since I started using Spotify and other programs of its kind. That’s a pretty neat program.

          • Wow, that sucks man. I know iTunes is kinda crap but I use it out of convenience cause I probably buy around 10-15 songs a year and its just there on my phone.

          • I dont look down on anyone who uses it at all, its one of the best music organisers, hell its still on my pc and I use it to organise all my mp3’s myself. I think Apples changed all their policies *now*. But back then you were allowed one redownload of your library and thats it. For some reason, the initial redownload wasn’t even given to me, and they wouldn’t even let me get my library back. So we said screw it and went away from them, ditched my iphone and went with an Android one. Haven’t looked back. But, that being said, that’s a personal choice and I honestly do not look down on anyone who enjoys apple products, because its just a personal thing. Personally I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on an Airbook, they’re pretty bloody nice and would suit me so well for Uni :\

          • Wow, coming into the iTunes ecosystem late in the game, the idea of not being able to re-download a song an unlimited amount of times is just crazy. My contract is up soon so the decision between the next iPhone and the Galaxy is a tough one. My wife is an android/galaxy user so I’ve seen the best of both worlds. I adore my iPad so there’s the benefit of having both my phone and tablet in the same ecosystem. I dunno, it’s gonna be a tough choice, I really wanna see how improved the next iPhone is cause the Galaxy 4 is pretty spiffy.

          • Galaxy 4 is nice, but my advice is wait for the next one even if you don’t have one. I’ve got the SGS2 and I’m hard pressed trading up for an SGS4. The SGS2 4G is a wonderful little phone and outside some purely aesthetic things, I’m yet to see anything truly impressive that it can’t do that the SGS4 can? By the time the 5 comes out, I’m betting there will be some stuff though. Maybe we’re plateauing with phones though?

          • The wife had the SGS2 an it was a lemon, it started ok but over time it hot really bad and she hated it.

          • Can’t say I’ve had any problems. I had that experience with the iphone 4 though. The 3gs worked perfectly, best iPhone I ever owned. The 4 was a nightmare experience. Absolutely shocking for me. Possibly a faulty phone though.

          • The wife’s Galaxy had a problem getting data, her Internet consitently had issues. When she went to the store the guy knew exactly what she was talking about, it was a common problem with a percentage of SGS2s. Her SGS4 has been perfect tho.

            I’ve personally had an IPhone 3GS and a 4S and they’ve been great apart from the typical iPhone gripes, particularly the restrictions.

          • Yeah I heard the 4S was a major step up from the 4 in terms of reliability. It’s how I’ve always seen the S model, the standard number is the trial, the S is the perfection lol.

          • Agreed, hey, I’ve had a lot of fun talking about the Saint’s Row delay with you by the way.

          • You’ve never or you don’t any more? It’s not taking a ‘holier than thou’ standpoint, it’s a genuine curiosity. I used to, a fair bit. I use spotify and other things now to stream rather than pirate. Subscribing to it, I can at least justify money goes back, somehow in some demonic way, to the industry. In theory at least.

          • Once or twice I have been given a copied cd….for some reason, may have been a b’day pressie?(boot leg)

            but no otherwise I don’t….to be honest I don’t own a mp3 player never have. Before I got married I lived in a share house with a bunch of girls and they had a massive cd collection…they never did pirate either.

      • I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would be happy to pay for it. But they can’t. They won’t accept their money or provide them with the product they want to buy. If they’re not even accepting money for this product I don’t know how I can feel sorry for them when they don’t get any money for it.

      • Oh don’t worry, at my local EB, the bloke there the other day told me that GTA V isn’t get an initial PC release because all PC users do is pirate, he said he saw the numbers that prove it. I laughed at him and walked out. He was also for the censoring of Saints Row IV, he was a weird one.

  • Well, that destroys the little interest i had in this game, i might pick it up in the next steam sale when it’s less then $10, i cannot imagine this game will be full priced for very long after people lose interest in it and when GTA V comes out.

  • Well now, GTA IV coming out what, a week before this?

    Saints Row IV sales in Australia? I hope you enjoy selling sweet FA…

    • You mean GTA V haha. Given IV is already out, unless i’m a time traveler, then i’m using my powers very well I must say. haha.

      • Well oopsie daisy. lol. GTA IV may as well come out for all the good it’s going to do SR4’s sales…

  • GTA V is going to absolutely smash this in sales. They had a chance at getting sales while the video game season was at a low. But pushing it behind GTA has basically killed the games retail sales in Australia.

    • It comes out on consoles 20 days before GTA V, I think they’ll be fine in that department.

      • thats only if what EB games says is true. If steam is telling the truth then all platforms will have to wait until the 20th of September

        • Yeah, if it comes out 3 days AFTER GTA V on console they won’t have much chance if any at all, I dare say. But us PC gamers in recent have been copping late releases for a lot of games. It’s shit, but ah well. I just find it strange that it’s only happening here though. Every other country gets it released on time =/ I thought we had been punished enough by not being able to play with other people from other regions.

  • I know they’re not obliged to, but I do wish that Steam would offer a refund to those who have pre-ordered this. With this news I would cancel buy an import (I don’t care about local co-op).

    Hell, if nothing else, if this becomes the most imported game in AU history then it might send a message to our governing body that their classification rules don’t work.

    • You can send a request to support and they will refund if the game hasn’t been released yet.

    • I don’t particularly have any interest in this game but I may import an uncensored version just to send a message. I’ve done it with every GTA game that got censored for Australia.
      I think the local games retailers should be the ones up in arms about it. It’s their money thats being lost.
      All they’re doing with censorship is making me want it more. Uncensored that is.

  • So, the one downside to importing – not getting your game on release day – is now gone in this case. Brilliant!

  • Word on the street is they are taking the time to region censor your games no matter where you buy it from…… if thats the case…..

    • which is a load of bullshit because Deep Silver have been doing everything in their power to remove region blocking in germany where they are based to the point that in germany you actually have to use a VPN to even dowload some games even if you got it gifted or brought overseas

  • I requested a refund on my preorder from steam and will import cheaper with the full version.

  • Honestly I lost respect for them as soon as they decided to make a censored version instead of not releasing it here at all. would create less confusion for people.

    • Haha, what? You know that Deep Silver is a business, right? A game as highly anticipated as Saints Row 4, even with the censorship, is still going to be profitable for them. By not releasing it, it’s like they’re just saying no to free money.

  • Really? People are just like, “Oh, they’re pushing back the release date? IMA PIRATE IT!”

    The amount of stupid in that decision makes me worry for the future. Just because they’re pushing it back doesn’t mean the game is getting cancelled; it’s gone gold. You’ll still get it.

    Just think for two seconds.

    • its not just pushing it back 1 month, its also the fact that we are being charged more for a game that has less content ( yes its only one mission but its still less) than the rest of the world while also preventing people in the rest of the world from plaything with those who get the censored version to now the mass rumor mill of stating that even gifted copies and keys brought elseware will be converted to the censored version.

      So yeah it might seem an over reaction if it was just pushed back but when the rest is added in its not so hard to see why people might resort to just pirating it

      • So, write to the Australian Classification Board and say that you’re not happy with their decision. Tell them that the game has been rated appropriately in other Western countries and the decision on Saints Row 4 is a joke and that it’s actively going to impact the Australian market because people will buy it elsewhere.

        Don’t resort to piracy where you’re hurting people who invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours to make a game for your enjoyment. That’s not right.

    • Why do you think the free to play model is gaining momentum? And gamers complain about that too.

  • …I’m getting mine from the States while I’m there. Sure, it’s a week later. but at least it’s not half missing.

    • I wouldn’t exactly call 1 side mission that’s getting reworked and 1 weapon coming later in free dlc ‘half missing’…

  • Well I had mine gifted from the US through Steam – and if I use a vpn blocker and connect to a US server, I get the pre-load option in steam, but it comes up with an invalid path error :/

    EDIT: Just tried it again and it’s working boooya! 7.3 gigs…

  • Greenmangaming has removed Saints row all together from their site. The games have been missing since the first announce of different keys. If I don’t receive a key by on the 21st I’ll definitely be getting a refund.

    Also the the Australian Classification boards….

      • Hmm true, I’m really considering skipping it all together and waiting for GTA V, Maybe even purchase a different game.

    • its back on the site now… has been for a couple days… however aussies can’t buy it

      it leaves me hopeful… however someone i know said they contacted GMG and they replied saying we’d get the cut version… not sure how true that is or if they just said it to cover their arses (they’re usually pretty good to aussies)

  • A delay in the Australian release was inevitable, even the devs said it probably wouldn’t release the same day. I imagen the 1 week delay has more to do with having to print and ship the modified edition to stores on such short notice. I also wouldn’t be surprised if stores started selling it the day it arrives. But this still leaves the question of steam. I think it is possibly a mistake or a case that valve haven’t officially been told a date yet as such they have put a worst case release date up temporary.

  • I would say the delay is due to them having to press the PS3 and Xbox disks for our Aussie market.

    Am I the only one direct downloading this from the a US PSN account?

  • Well, I’m now very glad to have ordered my copy from our friends across the Tasman.

  • Wasn’t ever going to buy, but this just solidifies this the push towards getting all censored games imported. Especially when it region locks the multiplayer.

    Still not buying.

  • Not surprised they did it since government killed the game releasing wussy version of the game but why are most of u calling us pirate we are buying game legit just not in Australian wuss version

    • My brain hurts even trying to decipher this. We’re getting a version that has one mission and a weapon cut, far from “wussy”.

  • I was just about to buy this on Steam but noticed the price hike, the delayed date and the edited content. I can tell you where I won’t be purchasing from now. Even if the content change is fairly minor it’s the principle of it. Plus I actually want to be able to play multiplayer with more than half a dozen randoms who were silly enough to buy the Aussie version.

  • I got my copy today from Mighty Ape. I’ve preloaded it, but now it won’t let me play it because it hasn’t been released in Australia…… ah well.

  • Well even the australian governments idea of the national broadband network is BS. I’ve seen their network when centrelink or jobfind access it. And it would probably restrict anything outside australia including downloaded versions or imports.

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