Another day, another scribble. Here's the big announcement on yesterday's. It was...

Blaster Master. Well done if you got it! That was one of those where I thought of the game, but then looked at screenshots of it, and didn't even think it was the same game. Funny how memory is sometimes. As I watched a Youtube video, it was the powerups that I recognised. For some reason, I was imagining the main character as completely different.

Good luck with today's!

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    no idea what it is, but it's a very nice drawing!

    I WON... :|

    Today's is The Dig. (I win again!)

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      Shane its time you were told the truth. There never was a game called 'The Dig' its all in your head. All the screenshots and wikis and videos mentioning it have been made by TAYbies to save you from disappointment. But it's gone too far. We can't keep up this ruse any longer.

      Or I'm bored And being an idiot.

        No wonder I never finished that game, then! It didn't exist! *slaps forehead*

    Don't tell me I'm actually going to stump you guys on my last day...

    Fingerbash 5: escape from the rock spider

    It reminds me of the Manticore boss from Golden Sun

    Beyond Oasis?

    The Legend of Zelda

    (it's a guy with a sword and a crab-like boss, got to be close!)

    You sure do love those giant enemy crabs, Junglist.

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