Glory to Arstotzka! Friday's ScribbleTaku was Papers, Please.

Hopefully today is my last ScribbleTaku for a while. Alex is due back tomorrow, so everyone can relax that my reign of horrible scribbling is over. Good luck.


    Dun nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BATMAN!

    Its a trap. Its a Zubat drawn to look like a batarang. Its obviously pokemon

      Please, if I was that clever it would be Ditto.

    Is it a Batslime from the Dragonquest games? Or even Dragon Warrior on the gameboy

    Close-up of a claw in a claw-game machine.

    Some Kirby game?

    The crystal bat out of the dark crystal game....oh wait that was never on consoles...batarang from batman arkham city

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