Some Of The Best Cosplay From Otakon 2013

Otakon might have been last week, but beatdownboogie brings us a taste of the con and its cosplayers today with two compilations of awesome costumes at the show. Also, there's breakdancing. Gotta have breakdancing.

Recognise everyone? Got a favourite? Perhaps it's not surprising that I'm charmed by the Pokemon cartridges, although there were a bunch of other cool costumes for sure!

OTAKON 2013 COSPLAY [beatdownboogie]


    Wowee. Some very impressive costumes in there.

    I have this little annoyance about Otakon... I never see anybody dressed as Otacon

    Watching this after working Manifest I must say that the Americans are on a far superior level of cosplay than Australia is. So much variety in what's on display and you can see the love that's gone into each costume. Here... Onesies and pre-bought Attack on Titan cosplays everywhere.

      materials are a lot more expensive and harder to find here sadly, we do have a few good cosplayers here though

    Came here for the hot girls, stayed for the awesome Draven costume on the first vid, damn wish I could pull that one off

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