TeeFury Has The Best Metroid T-Shirt Ever

My Dad has been wearing the same pair of Adidas Samba for 30 years so I made this little pact with myself: I would no longer wear video game t-shirts. I basically don't want to be the guy who worse the same clothes for the rest of his life. Since then I've never worn a video game t-shirt, except when exercising. It was my plan to transform into a smooth older gentleman. But goddammit, TeeFury is running a competition between two Metroid t-shirts and one of them is the best thing ever.

I'm talking of course, about the one on the left! How cool is it! It has the colours but it also has words! Ermahgerd, etc.

I'm not gonna buy it, I'm not gonna buy it, I'm not gonna buy it. Stay strong Mark. Stay strong.

(Editor's note: in the time between writing this story and publishing it, I actually bought the t-shirt. I have zero self control.)


    Left one is terrible mark! You should be ashamed for advocating lazy design gimmicks.

      How is the left one terrible!? It's clearly AWESOME!

    You think you have zero self control. My finger is is about to click purchase for both...

    Your pact was flawed to begin with - it should have been there to stop you from wearing the *same* video game shirt for 30 years.

    I raise that with a dare - lets see you at 60 wearing this coolest Metroid shirt ever.

    If this was a comment instead of an article I would have upvoted you for your edit. I'm 37 and not ashamed to still be wearing game shirts. Being a responsible adult ALL the time is as boring as wearing the same shirt all the time. :P

    I've got plenty of shirts that feature video games. Personally, the one on the right is a lot better looking.

    Oh btw Mark, enjoy waiting the 2-3 months it'll take for the shirt to arrive

      My TeeFury shirts always take less than a month to get here. Usually ship in a week and arrive a week later.

      I bought the one on the right earlier today, now more jerks are going to have it after seeing this article.

    I've got a few shirts from them, but you should know that the one on the left has been available for a long time. I'd recommend checking out www.shirtoftheday.com - they have a bunch of websites and the shirt design of the day just on the storefront. Makes it easy to just go to the one you want.

    Oh, and you don't have to get it as a shirt. Make it a tote bag or something else if you wish. Use that as an excuse!

    I'm just going to print out the image and slap it onto my existing shirt.

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