There Was An Xbox One Press Conference In Germany. Now You Can See It.

Microsoft decided not to livestream their Xbox One press conference from Germany yesterday, taking the quieter path than Sony. But today you can watch it and, if nothing else, see how much better their cameraperson was.

You'll find no sudden zooms and illogical camera angles in this half hour of Xbox One stagecraft.

You will find newsbits that'll ring bells because, well, they're a day old now! Still, if you prefer your news in press-conference form, then settle in for half an hour.

Topics covered: the new Xbox One indie program, the new Fable, Call of Duty: Ghosts having dedicated servers on Xbox One and more.

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    "We made this event for you" Of course you bloody did, why hold a press release without press.

    Fairly lack luster really

    except stephen, its not the cameraman's fault its the director.

    Sony at least tried to not make their words sound like propaganda, Microsoft made no such attempt.

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