Think Your Drive Is Brutal? Check Out The Vehicles Of Dead Rising 3

Capcom this morning put out a new cinematic trailer [NSFW language] for Dead Rising 3, and if you've gotten a good chuckle from improvised weapons like the paddlesaw, just wait the hell until you see the RollerHawg. The A-Team could only dream of being locked in a garage and coming up with something this dangerous.

Vehicular combinations will join improvised weapons in Dead Rising 3, and one of them is the RollerHawg, which one assembles from the parts of a motorcycle, a steamroller, plus two flamethrowers and what appears to be a tiller attachment on the front. Real-life, I'm guessing that thing would go from 0-60 in the time it takes to bake a potato, and need about a mile of stopping distance once it gets up to speed. In Dead Rising 3, it's the baddest ride on the planet.


    WOAH... Dem Graphics :|

    Also - looks like insane fun to me!

      Admittedly, this isn't in game graphics ... but still, very shiny indeed

        Yeah, the thumb for the trailer made it look like a live action trailer.

    Still not convinced this will stay an Xbox one exclusive. I was adament Mass Effect would too... and then it went to the ps3. Anythings possible these days. But who cares, I'll be getting an xbox one eventually one day, this'll be on my xbox one purchase list for sure.

    That mother zombie with the pram was rather needlessly unpleasant. Also somewhat out of place for a game that still looks pretty cheesy and cartoonish, even if its been wallowing in the mud and grit.

    Ya they obviously put the scratches on her face to imply she is a zombie but she sure walks alot more normally than the other zombies, and seems to be pushing a pram and looking at the child in it, and holding a toy....obvious shock value grab.

    However compared to Hollywood that's pretty tame......

    Dead Rising 3 for pc, make it so

    Hell yeah death roller.....Dead rising 3 is a day1 for me....and its got co-op muhahaha

    Umm Why is this in PC News... did Kotaku just announce that DR3 is coming to PC or was it a screw up

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