Dead Rising 2 Off The Record's New Sandbox Mode Is All I Wanted

Capcom makes all of my zombie killing dreams come true this weekend as they reveal the all-new sandbox mode for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record at PAX, finally setting players loose into the undead apocalypse with no timer to hold them back.

Forget Zombrex. There's no helicopter on its way. It's just you, thousands of zombies, hundreds of weapons, and all the time in the world to do whatever you'd like. Since the release of the original Dead Rising, fans have been clamouring for a way to just while away the hours exploring the sights, sounds, and smells of Capcom's zombie wonderland. Now we'll finally get our chance. Unfettered. Free.

They've even placed challenges throughout Fortune City, so players wishing to inject a little structure into their chaos can take a little time to participate in zombie-slaughtering or collection challenges, earning extra cash in the process.

That's all I wanted Capcom. That plus Frank West and a $US40 price tag was the key to unlocking my heart and my wallet when Dead Rising 2 Off The Record hits stores on October 11.


    Can you still use Chuck Greene in this version? Frank West is a tosser! He looks like that dude off friends...

      I thought Greene was for co-op in this one. Be nice if you could pick your character for single player as well though.

      I find the $US40 price entertaining though - local RRP I think is meant to be around AU$60, but I have a preorder for the PC version from ozgameshop for only about $23.50 (console versions are about $36)

      That'd be like using Frank in the original DR2, the story wouldn't make any sense. Same goes with this, although it'll be interesting to see if Capcom lets us use Chuck in the free roam mode.

    I'm gonna wait for super dead rising 2 turbo edition.

    So Off The Record is what DR2 should've been?

    cant they patch it into DR2? This, loading screens, and just a horde of idling zombies blocking your way turned me off from the game. Not to mention the idiocy of NPC's....the list goes on

    This is the only game I will ever need from now until I die.


    With that timer (and the fucking kid and redneck with a chainsaw), all you got off me was an XBL demo I regretted buying.

    Anyone else smell (Ultimate/) Marvel VS Capcom 3?

    I sure as hell smell it.

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