A Stabtastic Trailer Heralds Killzone's Arrival To The PS Vita

Killzone: Mercenary has arrived. What better way to celebrate than by watching gratuitous amounts of murder?

The Vita's own entry in the Killzone FPS series actually comes with not one, but two launch trailers. So generous! You can take a look at the trailer #2 below, which is a slightly slower demo of the game's graphical features. We also have a hands-on video that you can check out right here.

Killzone Mercenary - War Is Your Business [[email protected]] Killzone Mercenary - Launch Video [[email protected]]


    Can confirm this is actually a really great game. best FPS on the system so far, really enjoying it.

      Yep, excellent game, even by PS3 standards it's a very solid shooter.

    Yeah, I picked up a digital copy of it on the weekend. Good fun on the go. Great gfx too.

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