How League Of Legends Dealt With The Trolls

League of Legends is intimidating, and I say this as someone who has thought about giving it a bash and decided against it. Part of my reason for deciding against trying League of Legends was its notoriously obnoxious community. But apparently League of Legends is now a far more hospitable place and this video explains — in great detail — why.

The solution is a Tribunal — a group of high level players that mete out judgement on players who have reported for bad behaviour in the community. The above video discusses precisely what is unique about this system and why it seems to be working. Even for someone like myself, with zero experience in the game, I found it interesting just in terms of video game communities and how they can be rewarded for good behaviour.

I wonder if other communities could use this as an example. Could this work elsewhere?


    "Dealth?" I think you were looking for "Dealt" or "Dealeth" in that heading (and even that second one is dubious)

    This great for the future, not just for gaming. Xbox Live attempted this with the rep system but failed miserably. Good to hear someone has developed a system that is working.

    Played this game since BETA and The community was still #$$^ the last time I played (few months ago).

    The tribunal has had many revamps and changes, then earlier this year they did a massive overhaul and I even tried to help and a number of weeks only to be let down atrociously. I would "punish" people who were being racist abusive trolls and they would walk away "innocent" and un punished.

    The video also mentions the honour system, which was also just as bad. I would play a game and have every single person in it with some form of badge and most of the time the people with the badges where just as big a dicks as everyone else. The inherit problem with this is that genuine good behavior RARELY gets noticed, just like in a forum you don't see everyone praising a game, you only see the 1000' that are pissed and angry at it. So the end result is people wandering around with undeserving "badges of honour".

    The video acts as if they have succeed and the game is a bunch of rainbows and sunshine, which is absurd, though this isn't to say what they have done was worthless. However I always felt that it never ever did enough and everything that they did do was flawed in a basic way that greatly reduced potential.

    Granted ever since the Oceanic servers came online I haven't touched a normal game, because i got so fed up with how bad it was and instead only play ARAM matches. IT also STILL doesn't have a tribunal meaning its probably devolved into the worst cess pit of humanity possible.

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    Is this guy TRYING to be Ray William Johnson? Why would anyone try to be RWJ? He's awful.
    And don't say "because he gets a billion views a minute" because he's still awful.
    "Dude what are you talking about"
    The way he's standing in front of a green screen that is of a picture of two walls meeting on an angle. That's all I have, honestly. Maybe the jumpcuts, too.

    Anyway: video. Hey, that's good for them. LoL sort of had a reputation for "worst userbase ever". Part of the reason why I didn't give it a go for years, until a mate decided we should punish ourselves for no reason and play it.

    On a 4chan note, they actually tightened up recently and now offtopic nonsense gets the ol' delete ban these days. Even the racism is being targeted!

    While the tribunal has made improvements to the community, it is hardly better. Raging is constantly rampant in Normal and more so in ranked. Anyone who gets a perma ban just creates a new account and starts again.

    However to anyone who says that Tribunal does nothing should visit the oceanic LoL servers, where the Tribunal is not yet up. Even mode which are usually really fun to play (ARAM) are just full or Ragers and people bad mouthing anyone near them. I had to go back to the NA servers just so I could play the game and have fun again.

    Too bad the oceanic servers don't have the amazing tribunal system and we haven't heard anything about getting one since the oceanic servers were launched, it's the sole reason I refuse to play that game anymore, there needs to be a way to deal with toxic scumbags in the oceanic community, either with the tribunal or some other means but something needs to happen.

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    The community isn't the best. So sick and tired of being called a noob, regardless of how goo you are or how you play a specific champ or role, you WILL be called a noob for something, I guarantee it. The community is filled with people who think they are 10x better than everyone else and THEY are the main problem.

    funny how kotaku reports on the tribunal now. Its been out for ages.

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