How To 'Ruin' A Grand Theft Auto V Launch With 'Spoilers'

Here's Mega64 trying to ruin a Grand Theft Auto V launch with a very special kind of spoiler. Stick with it. The escape is better than the crime.



    What about the escape? I kept thinking something was going to happen.

    I have never enjoyed Mega64. Even when they have an idea that sounds good in theory it just never ends up being very entertaining to watch.

    Their Paperboy sketch is probably my favourite of the ones I've seen, but even that is a lot funnier in concept than execution.

      I find most of them too painful to watch... but their Elite Beat Agents one was fantastic...

      I also quite enjoyed the ones with Miyamoto and Kojima

    So is that dude at 0.08 attempting a sleeper hold or just a bit of midnight 'bromance' going on there? >.>

    I literally cringed during that - why was it considered post-worthy?

    To call this a Mega64 video is a bit misleading. It's a video from one of the members of Mega64, and shouldn't really be considered part of Mega64's body of work. Shawn and Rocco both upload whatever the hell they film in their day to day lives. A lot of it is nonsense. Wonderful nonsense.

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