Questioning Male Cosplayer's Geek Cred To Prove A Point

A common, unfortunate assumption with a lot of female cosplayers is that they just do cosplay for 'attention' (amongst other things) — so it's kind of startling, if not funny at times to see that script switched by jenniferlanda here.

But! To be fair, male cosplayers are way less visible in the cosplay world — so while they may not get questioned about their geek cred in the same way, they do have their own share of struggles within that community. Worth keeping in mind....but yeah. Asking people to prove their geek cred is bullshit, regardless of gender.

And just in case this needs to be said: the video is satire, partially a response to articles like this. That's more obvious if you actually get to the end, though.

Dear fake geeks, go away? [jenniferlanda]


    Didn't they joke about this in the last Borderlands 2 DLC?

    ...still, kinda need to play it too.

      In the words of Mr Torgue... "YOU GUYS ARE BEING SUPER EXCLUSIONARY!!!!!"

      Actually, I completely and utterly agree with what Lillith said during that quest.
      Geekdom for geeks.

    I feel as though PH treats this site like a Facebook page.

    I can only think of one response to this -

    Haha "a very large one".

    This is definitely worth watching till the end. And yes, "the more fans the better!", "these are my people and I love them". :D

    Hey, no offence to him or nothing, but I didn't reckon Bane looked even that big.

      I've once seen a bigger guy dressed up as Toad from Mario games.

        I was at Supanova in Melbourne about 2 years back and there was a guy who had to be around 7ft high dressed up as the original Pikachu Pokemon Card...yes, the actual card, with a circle cut out for his head that was painted yellow with red cheeks. It had all the right stats and everything. It was a sight to behold. Wearing all black with effectively a drape off the back of the card to hide the person underneath.

    You think geek culture is your ally? You merely adopted the geekiness. He was born in geekdom, molded by it...

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      I logged in for no other reason than to upvote that.

      I created an account just so I could upvote this comment.

    This is dumb. The difference between male cosplay and female cosplay, is some of the guys probably need to look ripped, since their characters do. Female characters are typically not buff, therefore its a lot easier to spend time NOT at the gym, just dieting and maybe doing some occasional cardio.

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      The video clearly went right over your head.

        *Woosh* becuase I didn't comment on the silly "EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY" message the video was going for and actually criticised another part of it, I totally missed the point.

          You point is total irrelevant to the video. Irrespective of its truth it has nothing to do with the video. How you cannot grasp that simple idea is beyond embarrassing.

    Does it make me a geek because i noticed big Mike from chuck in the background

    Am I the only one who doesn't care about geek cred? I couldn't care less about what someone else labels me. How about we just get rid of labels? Seems like that's a bigger problem in gaming than anything else. We have obvious gender, racism and homophobic problems not to mention the whole entitlement issue. We should encourage gaming culture to be more accepting of everyone instead of constantly pointing fingers at people, assigning blame and forcing issues that people don't understand down their throats.

    ANYTHING that isn't what's become the norm is immediately derided by a large section of the community. Whether that relates to games or people, there's a culture of immediate judgement and resentment and it's far more angry and borderline dangerous than many other mediums. Why? I'd go as far to say that the gender issue isn't much different from the other ones, there's an obvious lack of empathy inherent in the average gamer and maybe that's something we need to change. All the snarky articles and videos in the world are great for us, they let us know exactly how right we think we are. I'm not sure they actually do much for the ignorant and ironically an exclusionary attitude (patronising, accusing and making fun of those who don't understand isn't exactly welcoming) does little to change perception.

    It does seem endless though, more and more gamers are just reminding me of a rabid wrestling crowd. (no offense to wrestling but the crowds barely seem to understand words)

    I do love the star wars.

      and also the star treks. all of them.

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