YouTube Reacts Hilariously To Video Of Geeky Women

Last month, we wrote about a song that featured women who take issue with the idea of a "fake geek girl". Naturally, these women feel that they shouldn't have to prove their geek cred. Since that sentiment was expressed via YouTube video, people left comments — and these comments could sometimes be ridiculous.

Cue this dramatic reading of those YouTube comments on that video by Shesellssheshells.It's hilarious, in that kind of uncomfortable "do these people really exist?" kind of way. And in case you're confused, here's the original music video by The Doubleclicks, which these comments respond to:

Oh, YouTube.

YouTube Reacts to Nothing to Prove [Shesellssheshells]


    Transformers vs Cabbage Patch Kids is totally one-sided.
    Those things had heads like wrecking balls.

    I think there are valid points on both sides, but they're being expressed extremely poorly.

    I look forward to the promised articles discussing the brouhaha over Tropes vs Video Games in an intelligent manner, although I fear the comments resulting from them - on both sides.

      Is there actually intelligent discourse to be had? We're getting pretty close to the word "trope" becoming a parody of itself because it's used to describe everything a particular individual doesn't like. Most "tropes" aren't tropes, a lot of other "tropes" apply to both make and female, MANY "tropes" are disliked by both genders etc... I'm not sure what is actually being accomplished here but divide, finger pointing and occasional mind-reading.

      The video is nice, I liked how it seemed a little more aware than Anita's videos. They're speaking TO everyone as opposed to positioning themselves as the authority. Which is unfortunately rare.

    great second video.

    no issues with nerds of any gender from this reader. man, woman or ortherwise...

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