A Dramatic Reading Of Ridiculous YouTube Comments Reacting To E3

E3 happened a few weeks ago, but Shesellssheshells only recently finished its signature "YouTube Reacts" video on the show — which manages to capture some of the more absurd thoughts on the event. It's as entertaining as usual — oh, YouTube.

YouTube Reacts to E3 2013 [Shesellssheshells]


    I love these things. XD

      "fuck god. he ain't real. GO AMERICA!" in the bioshock one just killed me

        "Watch out for the monkey. He throw things."

        In the Donkey Kong/Pauline one is my favourite. :D

    These videos are gold. I am gonna start using 'Bullshift' as a word.

    I don't understand. Is this a compilation of Xbox fanboys reactions or e3 reaction?

    Most of the "absurd thoughts on the event" came from gaming blogs.

    Goon people are the best people.

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