Now That's A Lot Of Mass Effect Cosplayers!

Now That's A Lot Of Mass Effect Cosplayers!

We've already seen brilliant costumes from this year's Dragon Con, but we simply couldn't resist this absolutely packed Mass Effect group shot, photographed by one of the attendees, Pam Marotte.

It's really hard to pick a favourite, with all the costumes being so well-made and varied (and not just a dozen Shepards and Talis). Maybe that weird Blasto on the right, or Chakwas on the bottom left. The stuffed Wrex puppet around the centre also deserves an honourable mention.

Mass Effect Group Shot from Dragon*Con 2013 [imgur, via Reddit]


    See that Shepard near Morrinth and FemShep in the fancy dress you get from Kasumi's loyalty mission? That's Mark Meer, man Shep's voice actor!

    Don't know if you could Out cosplay shepard himself

    Who dressed as a volus?

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