Surely The Most Excited League Of Legends Fan

Surely The Most Excited League of Legends Fan

The League of Legends World Championships are in full effect, and it's so exciting some fans even go Super Saiyan after seeing their team win.

Here's the full video, shared by YouTuber ItsStewys.

This guy [YouTube]

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    Gotta love the reactions of the people behind the idiot. For some reason I just find the girl pausing mid-clap hilarious. I think/desperately hope they all realise they were on camera though hence the reason for the overreaction.

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    first thought lol, but after 5 secs a plant, why is the camra on him before he goes crazy

      i dont think it was, it was a general pan shot of the audience that changed into a focus shot thanks to this eccentric supporter aha :P

      This really isn't the first time a spectator has acted "excited". Happens all the time because the front screen shows who the camera is on, and some people like him like to be dramatic about things. Whether a plant or not, up to you.

        No difference between him and millions of sports fans really

          Thus my use of fairly ambiguous and neutral terms :D

    I don't really understand how anyone can get excited over League of Legends...

    There's at least one guy like this at every Barcraft too.

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