The Adventures Of A GTA V Serial Killer

The Adventures Of A GTA V Serial Killer

A pair of artists, in the name of a "social commentary" on video game violence, have decided to start playing Grand Theft Auto V as a serial killer. Complete with motive and costume. And document the whole thing.

Look at the images enough times and your thoughts on the whole thing will likely have flip-flopped a few times. Is it funny, because it's GTAV and he's wearing a mask? Is it satire, because the game's about being a psycho? But then, if the game's supposed to be satire, what is this?

You sort it out. That's the whole point.

The "before" shots certainly lend the whole thing a decidedly creepy vibe, though.

GTAV serial killer [Tumblr]


    Uh huh. And this won't be hit on my Faux News etc.. no sir-ee..

      I want to see this done with the Lego games, after would be a pile of coins.

        lol that would be quite entertaining. Good mix of novelty lego and serious subject matter

    I get they were trying to do something funny and tongue in cheek, but I think it was just done lazy in this case. Maybe if they made an actual narrative of their process stalking a particular character day by day, going through the rituals leading up to the eventual kill, then it would have been a lot more engaging.

    Sure it would still be easy ammo for Fox, but at least it would have been interesting!

      It does seem pretty half-assed, if it was much more like the article about the 'perma-death, stick up kid' experiment that detailing everything and had strong narrative running through it, it would be a lot better.

    Social commentary? No. Just some twats about to make it worse for everyone else.

    This is interesting and it makes me question how and why I consume the media that I do. It makes me question how and why others consume it, too.

    This is great. It's art. It might not be your cup, but that's ok, too. A lot of people think Andy Warhol was talentless.

    I'm more frightened by the creepy video about cannibalism on the page.

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