The Original Pokemon Hero Returns In Pokemon Origins

The Original Pokemon Hero Returns In Pokemon Origins

Ash Ketchum was never the very best, like no one ever was. It was always Red, the hero of the original Pokemon Red and Blue. His story is Pokemon Origins, a four-part animated series premiering November 15 on Pokemon TV.

This is the Pokemon trainer I became when I first fell in love with this stupid series. I might have called him something different, but deep down inside he was always Red. Watching this trailer I almost teared up a little, remembering the old days. Almost. Shut up.

If the anime follows my Pokemon Blue game, Red will be joined by his companions, Firepoo and Birdpoo, as they take their first steps on the road to becoming Pokemon Masters and servants. Team Rocket will show up, as well as plenty of other Pokemon with "poo". at the end of their names. Maybe they'll go a different route.

The first episode of Pokemon Origins premieres November 15, with the other three following soon after. Or you could just watch it all in Japanese early next month.


    Hopefully you read the manga which followed the tales of Red and not Ash Ketchup or whatever his shitty name was.

      The manga was boss. Well, Pokemon Adventures was boss. The other one, where Red has a talking Clefairy that is Pikachu's cousin or something? That one is a little bit weird.

    The animation style looks awesome! If only the main Pokémon anime had the same amount of effort put into it these days.

    Looks like poor Bulbasaur is going to get stuck in the shade.

    This looks epic. It now just depends on the voice actors. Please don't be anything like the new pokemon anime voices *shudder*

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