There Are 8000 People Watching A Man Download A Video Game

Watch live video from CosmoWright on Okay this is blowing my mind right now. CosmoWright is a big fish in the speed run circuit. He currently holds the world record for the Wind Waker speedrun and he is actually the founder of the SpeedRunsLive. He's planning to stream himself playing Wind Waker HD and I plan to tune in. So do many, many other people. But there's one problem: he hasn't finished downloading the game yet.

Here's the crazy thing: there are currently over 8000 people on his stream, watching CosmoWright download a video game. At time of writing the download seems to be hanging on 35% and he has 32 minutes left to go. People are so excited about watching CosmoWright play the brand new Wind Waker that they are willing to simply watch this man's download bar slowly increase towards 100% over the next hour.

This is the world we live in folks.

But yeah, let's be honest. Most of them probably just have it open on a spare tab to check in on every 15 minutes or so. I know that's what I'm doing.

(Yes, I am one of the 8000!)


    God damn it. Clicking this article made me one of those people as well :(

    If I wanted to watch a download bar, I'd turn on my PS3.

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      Yeah is it me or is downloading 2gb+ files on Psn really really slow? Why doesn't Sony have any Australian ISPs hosting files locally?!!?!!? pretty sure microsoft do with iinet westnet and even foxtel / telstra

        I don't find PSN downloads to be slower than any other downloads?

        I've never had that much issue with downloading anything off PSN these last 6 years.

        That being said, if you are using wifi with WPA2...... turn it off and use wired ethernet. The WPA2 drivers on ps3 are *incredibly* slow.

        Could also be some weird peering mismatches between Sony's servers and your ISP, if it's persistent.

    9.5k viewers and counting.

    Cosmo is a great guy. We all love him.

    cosmo is a god. bow to him.

    I was one of those people, right up until he started downloading and I realised it was going to be a while. This is a well-planned stream.

    I wonder if he started streaming the download process so no one could accuse him of using an altered version which could help him get a quicker time.

    Is this the same guy who did the Ocarina speed run?

      Yes, holder of both the OoT and WW records atm.

    It's honestly ridiculous how Cosmo just draws in viewers. Love watching his streams.

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