This Probably Isn’t The New Legacy Of Kain Game You Were Expecting


Nope. No sign of Raziel or any Soul Reaver here, folks. Just a bunch of super-powered vampires and medieval human warriors beating the crap out of each other.

The video game universe beloved by players for being a dark pit of brooding nihilism is going to be resurrected in the form of a free-to-play online title called Nosgoth. Named after the fictional world where the Legacy of Kain series was set, the multiplayer title will let players control squads of mortal and undead combatants who wield unique abilities:

What really makes it unique, though, is its third-person ranged versus melee gameplay. The land of Nosgoth’s Humans utilise an arsenal of devastating ranged weaponry and specialised equipment, whereas its Vampires favour visceral close-up melee attacks augmented by their inhuman abilities. For both sides, strategy, communication and teamwork are key to success.

With multiple classes on each side and scores of items to unlock, including weapons, perks and abilities, we expect players will want to build a selection of character load-outs for not one but both factions.

You can sign up for a closed beta right here. Meanwhile, sensitive souls everywhere continue to pine away for their floppy-haired demon vampire love from back in the day.


  • Looks nothing like a legacy of kain series gae. Just a cash grab, calling the winged vampires razielium clan really is showing how much they are not recognising the underlying lore.
    Could be a good game but the name tie in seem trash tier.

  • Now… Raziel was punished and killed by Kaine for daring to evolve wings and surpass his master. Why, if this is just after Soul Reaver, do we have a bunch of Vampires with wings??? (Sorry, it’s the lore nerd in me).

    • yeeeeeeaaaaaaah i got a feeling that “lore” and “continuity” is not something they care about in this game ;_;
      and here i was getting excited when i read the words ‘Nosgoth’

      • Same. lol. I agree and understand they’re not exactly caring about that either. There’s a lot of potential for a remake of the first game in a fully 3d world, telling the fall of Kain, or a remake of Soul Reaver. Hell, a whole new game set in Nosgoth thousands of years later with Kains resurrection maybe? Who knows. It’d be great to see Kain return. But a free to play game with a paywall and a shooter at that. No thanks. Not for me.

    • *Kain

      Given the drastic changes in the other vampire lieutenants while Raziel was in Limbo at the beginning of Soul Reaver, this isn’t that far-fetched.

  • No. Just no. A LoK MMO is a terrible idea. Why not just make a final chapter in the series and tie up all the loose ends? Why fuck up the series with this bullshit? RIP LoK. T_T

  • Woah! That ‘game’ looks terrible.
    I agree with the others that another Soul Reaver would have been a welcome addition. The game creators should have worked more on gameplay and less on their use of the word ‘favourite’.
    Any news on a HD remake of the originals?

  • i’ve been waiting for a new LOK game since i was about the age of 14. I know it’s not what we were all expecting/wanted BUT we must admit that it is better than nothing. and besides, with all the paradoxes that Kain created in an act of defiance to his fate…this is probably just another add on to the history which had to be re-made. and if you think about it, the events which took place in Blood Omen 2 didn’t make sense either. vorador was alive and was the leader of the Cabal when he had met his fate at the hands of Moebius in Blood Omen. let’s just give this game a chance….like i said, it’s better than nothing.

    • As you may know, BO2 was worked on by a completely different team than the Soul Reaver series. Apparently, they just chucked Vorador in and expected the SR team to sort it out.
      And they did a pretty damn good job considering.

      There was also a section in Defiance that was going to explain Vorador’s resurrection, but it was cut.

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