User Created Missions? Metal Gear Solid 5... Has Changed

As a stupid big fat biased fan of the series, my favourite trailer of E3 was easily Metal Gear Solid 5. The visual upgrade, the controls, the open world, the scale. I've always felt like Metal Gear Solid features the best core mechanics of any major franchise, stealth or otherwise. Seeing that attention to detail expanded upon and placed inside an open world both terrifies and excites me. Here's what I'm trying to say: not enough people were talking about Metal Gear Solid 5 at E3!

Now, thanks to The Official PlayStation Magazine, more details are fleeing the coop. The most interesting of which is this: it seems as though Metal Gear Solid 5 will feature user created missions within the open world using tablet integration.

"You can use smartphones and tablets to interact with the world," explained Kojima. "That’s why we did an open world, because we thought about all these interactions on multiple devices.

"Using tablets and smartphones you can also enjoy MGS V and create user-generated missions within the world."

Tablet integration was a common theme at this year's E3. Ubisoft was especially sold on it with its upcoming next gen titles, and it seems as though Metal Gear Solid 5 will have similar integrations. But how will it all work? What options will tablet users have? It's all very intriguing. Can't wait to see more.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain guns for user-created missions as Snake goes open world [OPS]


    Hmm. Vaguely interesting that Kojima says “You can use smartphones and tablets to interact with the world,” a la Xbox's Smartglass, and not Vita given that it's an OPS interview.

      He didn't mention Smartglass by name, he just mentioned tablet / smartphone interaction. Given that PS4 and XB1 both support this, that makes a lot more sense for a multiplatform game than Vita integration which would only work on the PS4 version. Not to mention the ubiquity of phones and tablets compared to the relative scarcity of Vita's.

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        Eh, I didn't mean it in a conspiratorial way (though he has name-checked and praised Smartglass before, link) — just found it interesting that he doesn't seem to be doing anything to help sell/promote/design for the Vita when it's a ready-made accessory for the PS3/4 and given its scarcity (though maybe they have no intentions of making anymore handheld games a la Portable Ops/Peacewalker, and so don't care) and he's doing an interview with OPS.

    I echo your bias. And I would blindly support anything a MGS game has to offer. This franchise is the Alpha and Omega of gaming to me.User created missions makes my brain ejaculate rainbows

    I want the song to be released - oh and a release date for the game.

    You can credit all these Phantom Pain shenanigans with sucking me back into the world of MGS. The original Phantom Pain trailer (the Moby Dick one) is probably the best trailer of this Generation IMO.

      I just picked up a Vita on Monday when the price cut came in. I've already started playing MGS3 HD on it. Played it a couple of times on PS2 back in the day, too. Such a great game.

        I bought MGS2 on the PS2 a few years back but it didn't click (I did have the original MGS back in the day) then recently I bought Peace Walker in an XBLA sale and that game is brilliant fun. Then recently they put MGS2 & 3 on sale and I snapped them up too (have never played 3) but in the space of a week managed to get through the tanker chapter of MGS2 which I was pretty chuffed with!

    im glad they are considering a PC version. since games like dark souls 2 and MGS5 making their way to PC, im not very intrested in getting next gen. at least im gona wait until the slim versions show up.

    Sounds like it was an inevitability, but how will I craft my 20 minute video/2 minute gameplay?

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