Watch Us Play Mirror's Edge On The Oculus Rift

The first thought I had when I heard about the Oculus Rift was: "Oh man, I can't wait to play Mirror's Edge on that." My second thought was: "It is going to make me so sick."

Over the past two months, I have played a lot of games on my Oculus Rift development kit, from Half Life and Dishonored to Macross and Portal 2. I have even spent more than a few hours watching movies on it. But this was all in the hopes of building up some kind of a resistance to the Oculus Rift so I could play the first-person, free-running title, Mirror's Edge.

So join me as I play a bit of it and talk about the positives and negatives when it comes to playing games on the Rift in general — and ones that only run on it thanks to fan-created drivers, specifically.

Also, we'll see if I can make it to the end of the level without losing my lunch.


    Am I missing the point with these oculus rift videos that get posted? Why do I want to see two separate videos of the same thing playing side by side? It's clear that, like the 3DS, the effect is completely lost when not experiencing it first hand, but the videos keep coming. What's the deal?

      You actually are kinda missing the point. If you cross your eyes while looking at the video and try to have the two pictures cross over to get a focused central picture and a semivisible picture on either side. You can get the desired 3D effect from the focused, central picture.

      Alternatively, for people who already have an oculus, they can straight up just enlarge the video to fullscreen and just watch it in oculus-ready 3D from the getgo.

      Seriously try the earlier one though, makes for really cool, if not somewhat eye straining viewing until you can get yourself an Oculus Rift to play on.

      If you need more explanation on how to do it, search 'stereoscopic 3D'.

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        you can also try putting a piece of paper between the two images, and then put your nose against the opposite edge of the paper, then try to focus your eyes until you see only one image. That's a little easier than crossing your eyes. video should be small youtube size, and paper should be as tall, not as wide, as a standard business envelope. you can also try playing the video on your phone and holding it very close to your face. good luck.

        It's actually focus to infinity, so the opposite of cross your eyes, but the idea's right. Just don't try it on a large screen or at full screen then you'll be trying to make your eyes do crazy stuff.
        It's basically that magic eye thing.
        Edit: I stand corrected, you can do both :P

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    Cross your eyes until both the left and right images merge into a central image.....and you get the 3d effect of the rift.

    Pretty neat trick, you only have to do it just a little bit, it depends on how far back you sit from your monitor too.

    Too close, and youll need to cross your eyes really hard.

    Too far away, and your fine-motor control of your eyes cant keep the '3d' image focused.

    oh wow, I did the cross-eyed thing he suggested and I couldn't get out of it. Maybe I should just wait for the rift. That hurt. :(

    The Rift is AMAZING! I got a dev kit and have made a couple YouTube videos about my experience so far.

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