What Are You Playing This Weekend -- And Walking Dead 75% Off

In a fit of post-election ennui, I'm making my own Brave New World.

So the election is over, and it's a good day for escapism of one way or another. I'm involved in my own form of world-crushing, culture-absorbing, NBN-building future, playing Civilization V: Brave New World. I'm a culture-victory-vulture, so the new tourism additions to the culture victory are giving me lots to amuse myself. I wish there was an AFL game I liked, though, just so I could recreate last nights epic Port Adelaide win over Collingwood.

Also worth noting is that Steam has The Walking Dead for US$6.24 until 2am on Tuesday morning AEST, down from $25. My mouse hand has been hovering over it for around 30 minutes now, but I think it's time to commit.

What are you playing today, and why?


    DOW2: Retribution - because steam sale

    Mostly dabbling in Black Ops II.
    Pretty much will be my go-to thing until GTA V comes out.

    Funnily enough, replaying The Walking Dead now, finally going to finish it and play 400 Days. Still dabbling in Pinball FX 2 and Skyrim.

    Playing FFXIV. Trying to get my archer/pugalist to pugalist level 5. Because apparently you're not allowed to wear clothes until level 5...

    been trying to smash through gravity rush, almost done it. Next I'm moving on to Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    Never got around to playing Arkham City so I've been playing that to finish before Origins comes out.

    well I'll be playing this:
    i'm sorry if you become addicted.

    I picked up Torchlight II on the weekend and realized I never gave the first one a decent go. Actually a lot of fun, quite liking it.

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