Why Whoopi Goldberg Prefers Diablo To GTA

There's been a lot of awful media backlash today to video games but, weirdly, one place it didn't happen was on The View.

Sure, they talk over each other a bit — but they're adult enough to admit that the problem isn't with violent games but with parenting. The best part, however, comes at the end when Whoopi Goldberg said the following in response to the level of sexualisation in Grand Theft Auto V:

Why Whoopi Goldberg Prefers Diablo To GTA

Touché, Whoopi. Touché.


    So that's who that Whoopi Goldberg person is.

    People watch this show?

      Yep been watching for the last 6 years. Been on air since 97.

    Love Whoopi Goldberg :D

    However Jenny McCarthy with her dangerous misinformation she spreads about, to start with, vaccines, or anything she can latch her tendrils into, can go sit on a landmine for all I care.

    Otherwise, what crazy world are we in where THE VIEW is more sensible than the news in general???

      Whoopi Goldberg is guilty of some pretty high level bullshit peddling, too.

      Granted, she hasn't indirectly been responsible for thousands of preventable deaths. Jenny McCarthy is a fucking terrible person.

        Oh indeed, like defending Roman Polanski for instance, but Whoopis stuff is generally harmless. Like you said, McCarthy is a vile human being with no true regard for life.

          She said shaving pubic hair made you a pedophile.

          Among other things.

            LOL eh wtf.

            Oh dear. What a damn ridiculous thing to say... shaving all your pubic hair just makes you very hygienic.

    God dammit I hate those stupid pointless gifs.

    Has no one shown them how to turn on the mature content filters on their kids phones, tvs, pcs and/or consoles yet? I have to say that it is so farken easy for parents to turn on these filters. No ifs or buts, IT IS DAMN EASY!

    Last edited 20/09/13 9:11 am

    Hi, I'm a man and I like 'the play pretend'!

      Jenny McCarthy likes to play pretend too! She likes to pretend vaccines dont work! She likes to pretend shes being a sensible parent! Jenny McCarthy likes to believe she knows better than doctors! Jenny McCarthy likes to pretend she cured autism in her son! (Seriously!!!!)

        I may have forgotten to mention that this rates amongst one of the worst shows I've ever seen on TV.

    Why i love Whoopi, the voice of reason.

    Best 3:30 of The View ever.

    Listen to Guinan, she knows what she's talking about and she's a great listener...

    Why are you surprised that a show that is not invested in driving ratings through controversy, fear and tragedy has a reasonable discussion about an issue all parents with young kids should think about at some stage?

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