You Can Use Video Capture Devices On The PS4 Too

You Can Use Video Capture Devices On The PS4, Too

If the PlayStation 4's (limited) built-in capture functionality isn't enough for you, fear not. Sony announced at its TGS conference that you'll be able to use third-party devices to capture gameplay through the HDMI output too.

Be warned: It looks like it won't be available at launch as per tweets from Shuhei Yoshida earlier this morning.

We already got official word from Microsoft that their next-gen console will allow for third-party capture and streaming devices back in early August, so it's nice to finally hear back from Sony on this issue. It's particularly nice for those of you who monetise on YouTube with gameplay videos, and who will no longer have to worry about the PS4's built-in time restrictions with game capture. Worth noting, too, that the PS4 will allow for streaming to both Ustream and Twitch.

We've reached out to Sony for clarification on when this third-party device accessibility will be available, for launch or some time thereafter, and will update this post with any news.


    Wow, flip-flopping much?
    /s :P

      Flip-flopping? Did they ever say that you couldn't?

        No, there was never an official statement from them. There was a rumour about it that originated from machinima and went all over the internet (, some internet backlash, and now Sony will be adding support in sometime after launch.

      I know you're just being sarcastic, but they never actually made any statement about it beforehand. People were just asking an unanswered question of "Do games have HDCP applied to them like they do on the PS3?" The caveat to this is that there is a possibility that developers can implement it themselves.

    This is good news. I just recently bought a capture device that uses component cables (in addition to HDMI) to get past the HDCP on the PS3's HDMI so not having to worry about getting a new one or at least adding more cables to my living room is a relief. Although the PS4 does Twitch streaming anyway so it's not like you necessarily need one depending on your usage.

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    How about you link to the actual tweet that mentions the delay instead of his entire timeline.

    god who cares man seriously, the amount of talk about this.. what, >1% of people record gameplay, congrats

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