Gabriel Knight Is Coming Back

Jane Jensen's classic point-n-click adventure game is getting an HD remake on PC, Mac and iPad next year, journalist Geoff Keighley reports. First bit of concept art is right here.


    omG! How coool! @sughly and @dc will no doubt be happy about this too!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      Ahhhhhhh not so much. Original looks amazing, and as dc says, if there is to be any HD version it should remain 2d. Dont see how this 3d is a step up. If any of the GB games are in need of a makeover its the third.

        I'm still keen to see how they go about putting it all together. I'm not expecting miracles, but sometimes they do get it right!

    *More swans* ... (Who DOESNT remember that from Gabriel Knight 2, the FMV game)

    Looking forward to it, the 3rd one lost me unfortunately but first 1 as good. I remember the second one was the first game I played that had a hint of sex/nudity in it too.

    Hopefully this is a start to get all of the games updated.

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