Gabriel Knight Is Coming Back

Gabriel Knight Is Coming Back

Jane Jensen’s classic point-n-click adventure game is getting an HD remake on PC, Mac and iPad next year, journalist Geoff Keighley reports. First bit of concept art is right here.


  • omG! How coool! @sughly and @dc will no doubt be happy about this too!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    • Ahhhhhhh not so much. Original looks amazing, and as dc says, if there is to be any HD version it should remain 2d. Dont see how this 3d is a step up. If any of the GB games are in need of a makeover its the third.

      • I’m still keen to see how they go about putting it all together. I’m not expecting miracles, but sometimes they do get it right!

  • *More swans* … (Who DOESNT remember that from Gabriel Knight 2, the FMV game)

    Looking forward to it, the 3rd one lost me unfortunately but first 1 as good. I remember the second one was the first game I played that had a hint of sex/nudity in it too.

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