Here's The PS4's Launch Lineup

Here's The PS4's Launch Lineup

The full list of PS4 launch games is here, and it's a little... underwhelming. Via today's massive PS4 FAQ, here are all of the games that will be available when the system launches on November 15.

Sony: Flower, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Resogun, Sound Shapes

Third-Party: Angry Birds Star Wars, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4, Just Dance 2014, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Madden NFL 25, NBA 2k14

Indies: Contrast, Pinball Arcade, Super Motherload, Tiny Brains, Warframe

Everything else — including previously-scheduled launch games like Watch Dogs and DriveClub — is coming post-launch.

Note: as Sony's Adam Boyes points out, this is a "living list" that could change over the next couple of weeks.

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    I think AC4 and Killzone are the only games to interest me so far. Looking forward to inFamous and The Witness eventually though! (Also Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.)

      Wow their launch lineup sucks!!!
      Where is all the big AAA games??!?!??

    Everything else - AKA the only stuff I wanted :(

    So as with the Xbox, mostly upscaled ports of stuff that's already come out on the current gen consoles, alongside a couple of token excusives.

    Flower? Really?

    Last edited 31/10/13 1:03 pm

    Heh, I notice DCUO isn't on that list. Either they've hit a snag on the test server or Sony are embarrassed about having a last gen MMO launch on their new console. =P

    So nineteen games (of various A's), including some pretty big third parties, followed a few months later by big hitting Sony franchises?

    I think I'd kind of prefer that to everything releasing at launch and then nothing for several months.

    inFamous 3 at day one would make it a day one purchase for me; for now, I'm happy to buy in post-launch in April.

      That said, there's about seven games there I'd be happy to buy day one to play. That's enough for me and my situation.

    Killzone, Resogun and Battlefield 4 would do me nicely if I was buying one at launch. Which I'm not :P

    You forgot warframe!!! Killzone and warframe are the two reasons I would get it if I was someone who ever bought anything at launch. Not since the og PlayStation...

    The list should be updated for Australia..... NFS is a launch title here and there may be a few others coming out after the 15th not listed.....

    I didn't know that warframe was coming to PS4. It's alright for a F2P game.

      It's getting worse. DE are bad coders, and worse, like to rig events and claim it as 'bugs'.

    While the launch has gotten weaker recently, it's still one of the strongest launches in console history. Killzone I'm getting for sure. Now I might possibly get Injustice as I never got that on PS3 and maybe FIFA, although I'd probably hold out until a proper next-gen footie game is out before buying another one.

    As it is, I now have a bit of time to save up for Watch Dogs and inFAMOUS and wait for the Abe's Odysee remake

      It seems kinda weak to me. Only four new AAA non-sport titles. And Angry Birds, on a full scale console? Maybe people want it, I don't know. I never got the appeal of the series, I find them utterly boring.

    Lost interest after Watch Dogs was delayed. I'll pick one up early next year.

    Wasn't really interested in day 1 purchasing anyway. Be interested to see if any other big titles get released in time for Christmas, or at least in January for people who buy in the Boxing Day sales period (which I might be interested in doing).

    All I'm taking from this is that Injustice: Ultimate Edition is a thing that exists. And am then going on to assume that it's a GOTY version of the game with DLC and such packed in. And then that it will be available for Wii U as well. Hopefully.


      It was announced a while back. Yes it's a version with all the DLC and what not.

      Sadly they are continuing the current trend. It will be released on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 4. No Wii U version. :(

        No XBone, either, for some reason?

          I believe the official stance is that it hasn't been announced "yet".

    I'd be relatively happy with that launch lineup were I getting one on launch. I had an epiphany about three months ago though - "I don't need one yet". I'll have one as soon as I can legitimately justify it but at the moment I'm happy with my WiiU and extensive PS3 pile of shame.
    I'm in no rush for next-gen... and to be honest, that's astounding to me.

    There are a couple of titles in the mix that are somewhat interesting, but nothing to justify blowing $500 for a new console. I notice there's no RPGs whatsoever (which also appears to be true of the XB1).

    On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen a console release where the launch titles were interesting enough that I was inclined to a day-1 purchase. There are some releases over the next few months that may push it over the line.

      Should have skipped Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, God of War: Ascension and Beyond: Two Souls and had those studios develop for the PS4 - take an extra 12 months, slow-cook them for PS4 launch. Sony threw so many awesome punches this year, but they didn't put their real weight behind them - this launch could have been the best, but it's now just a fizzle.

        Yeah that would have made for a huge launch, but it's a high risk strategy. If the PS4 bombed as a console, all those games bomb with it. This way they have a massive install base of PS3's who will buy them.

        Plus for those like us who've ordered a console and some of the other games we wouldn't have bought if the things on your list were available, it's even more revenue locked in (not to mention buying those games when PS4 versions are eventually done). So it's just good business at the end of the day...

        What I don't think is too much to ask though is a launch title list that stays fixed and you have all the info on, I'm sick of changing my order!

    The PS4 launch lineup is crap.

    The PS3 launch lineup is crap.

    It's almost the same suspects even.

    That said, it will get better. There's some interesting things on the horizon and I love their strong backing of indies.

    I think the best launch lineups have been N64, Xbox and Xbox 360.

    And the Xbox One launch lineup kills this. The best racer in Forza, awesome zombie co-op in Dead Rising 3, the amazing looking Crimson Dragon, the very different and fun looking Ryse, Killer Instinct, and even some smaller stuff like Zoo tycoon, LocoCycle and THE BIG ONE - Peggle 2.

    I might not much like the Xbox One for many things, but they really got a far broader list of games and genres ready for Day 1.

      what was N64 lineup again?
      Mario64, Pilotwings, Blast Corps.......what was the rest? God I loved my N64.

      Can we have an N64 tribute Kotaku? Just for old times sake. I need a reminisce.

        Wave Race.. good times.

      Agreed. Let's not forget the far superior controller (I am cautiously optimistic when it comes to DS4, but DS3 was an ergonomic nightmare).

    Angry Birds Star Wars

    Shit just got real.

    I think I've completely forgotten why I disliked the Xbone. Very underwhelming indeed, I'm happier waiting for mine to arrive in December. Only exclusive there that says 'Buy Me' is Killzone just cause it's pretty, and even then it's hardly going to have multiplayer as good as BF4, and the single player will be the same old shooters we've played for a decade now.

    I have my Killzone bundle pre-ordered but I'm thinking of cancelling.

    Was hoping Diablo 3 was launch.

    Have they announced anything yet about what (if anything) The Driveclub delay means for Playstation Plus?
    Wasn't one of their big selling points for new PS4/PS+ users that Driveclub PS+ edition was going to be free day one?

    I admit I haven't followed it that closely as I already subscribe to PS+ anyway and aren't getting a PS4 until next year but was just curious if they had said anything about it.

    Sony won the E3 battle, but it looks like Microsoft will win the war at launch.

    It's ironic seeing all that positive Sony bandwagon community hype slowly ebbing away on delays releases and functionality being held back from the PS4 release.

    Love or hate MS as you please, but the fact remains that leading up to launch, Microsoft and their Xbox one is just getting stronger and stronger.

    Yes, I'm an Xbox fanboy, but it's amusing to see so much negativity in the comments here on what many were lording as an event on par with the second coming with the Playstation 4 launch.

    So much hype that's quickly becoming a fizzle...

    Got mine preordered and paid for! Also got fifa and killzone locked in. It may not be the best line up but it will do for a couple of months till infamous and watch dogs arrive. Playing the last of us and gta v killed the ps3 for me with the terrible frame rates...

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