In GTA Online, It's Never A Good Idea To Get In A Stranger's Car

Weird things happen in the virtual version of Grand Theft Auto Online. So, yes: people may not think twice when it comes to getting into a car that a stranger just drives up and gets out of. Stay safe out there.

[via Reddit]


    I use the remote car bomb not the ignition one like in the gif, that way you can let them drive off and think they're in the clear before detonating, but mostly I just set my vehicle access to "crew & friends" only because people are jerks.

      With the remote car bomb, can you claim the car back from Mors? I imagine if so you'd just have to install a new Remote Car Bomb right?

        yeah insurance covers it, I think it even replaces the bomb if i recall right,

    Why would you get in a car as the owner is running away from it? GTA or RL......

    What is this? Valet Simulator 2013?

    Who is stupid enough to trust someone that posts get in my car....... Would you do that in real life if someone asked to get in their car?

    If only women were that suggestible in real life!

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