Xbox One's Day One Patch Takes 15-20 Minutes To Download

Xbox One's Day One Patch Takes 15-20 Minutes To Download

Let's remember this on November 22: Microsoft says the Xbox One will require a day-one patch that, the console's chief architect says, will take 15 to 20 minutes to download.

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    Hmm yes, the article could easily have just said '[see article title]'

    Let’s remember this on November 22: Microsoft says the Xbox One will require a day-one patch that, the console’s chief architect says, will take 15 to 20 minutes to download.

    In the US?
    So...... about 1-2hrs in AU then

      I was coming on to make a joke about it being a Day One to Day Seven patch :P

        Thats funnier that my comment, I'll give you points :oP

      Microsoft have bucketloads of servers in Austraila.
      Whether those servers will have the XBone content, I'm not so sure. Wouldn't surprise me if they do though.

        yeah but under Australia's internet speeds...

          Australian internet speeds are kind of irrelevant. it all depends on how fast the server can send the information to you. The average Aussie internet speed is actually really similar to America's average speed so it's not an issue of our speeds not being fast enough.

            Yeah, true. If the server (pool) is fast, it doesn't matter how fast the internet (straw) is. It should only take a 20 minutes to drain the pool.

    good story browen

    I remember them saying this like, 6 months ago. That patch will be for all the "fixes" that they went back on, including the ability to play the console offline. So, technically, you still need an internet connection in order to play offline.

      Heh, yep. So you're still screwed, as I doubt retailers will be having hot stations set up just to download/update your purchased console.

      Can't wait to see the class action lawsuits saying MS lied.

        I doubt MS are too worried. If somebody can't afford home internet or even a mobile phone that they could tether their console to in order to download the patch then they probably can't afford a lawyer, either :P

          Do you forget how the Aus gov slapped Apple in the face with a large fine of the LTE/4G debacle? :P

        Yeh, except that wont happen... They have said for months since their change of stance on online that you will still require a net connection to set it up. This is completely different to advertising something that doesn't exist in a product.

    Is that based on the average American connection speed. So seeing as we're in the brave new world of liberal NBN we can expect it to be 2 hours.

    Jokes aside - I'm not bothered. I'll get mine at midnight - take it home and go to bed. I've got the next day off so I'll get up and sort all that stuff out in a nice relaxed manner over breakfast the next morning.

    Is there a reason why MS don't just do it themselves before shipping? Is it just going to cost them too much money to hire people to do it?

      More likely is that the units are already sealed/packaged/possibly even shipped, therefore they can't get to each and every xbox. Also with that many millions they have made, by far for them it is easier to get each person to update their own rather than them having to sit around for weeks updating millions

    Ive always found the Xbox Live downloads to pretty good regardless to your ADSL connection. I always have my consoles wired rather than using the wireless function as well.

    But at least now I have moved into my new house and have NBN connected :P I can pick up my midnight release console and be playing straight away. Plus with my NBN connection and the Twitch app being built in to the Xbone I will be live streaming from as soon as i get it up and running.

    Twitch: QuinstaTV

      You know we all envy hate you right :)
      What's a real download speed (in megs) that you're hitting?

        @fenix I don't mean to stir the envy even more but you asked for it ;)

          *shakes fist @ people who got the NBN before the Libs got their grubby mitts on it*

          Yeah thats pretty good. Although its worth taking note I get just under that for dl speed and about 20mbs upload on my cable connection.

      Can you publish your address here so that everybody else can come around and patch their consoles on your NBN connection? :)

      Well Xbox is opposite I keep getting notifications saying download stopped minutes later same msg which is more annoying then the slow as hell psn downloads

        That's a weird quirk of playing online/singleplayer while connected to xbl. If you're playing a game that uses any sort of online feature at all (and the devs didn't program around it) it stops and starts the "background downloading" whenever its sending game info to the servers. Stupid I agree, but it works well in completely offline games like Skyrim.

        That's my understanding at least.

          Yep, so as not to interfere with any online connection during a game that has it xbox kills your d/ls while you play those games. Its a rather good idea but if you don't realise why it is happening it could be a bit frustrating and confusing.

    *Still better than the ridiculous Wii-U update.

    I remember plugging in my brothers PS3 and that spent a good 40 minutes downloading like 5 updates.... pretty sure this is standard practice these days.

      Haha, yeah, my friend recently called me in the middle of a gigantic PS3 update that had taken nearly an hour. Screw that.

      so, based off that one experience with your brother's PS3 you think it's common practice? Not to mention it was 5 updates, not 1 like XBONE...

        Umm yeah, its common across all consoles.....

        Pretty much everyone I know has said the same thing about PS3 but I witnessed that one first hand.

        I'm not bitching about it, I'm just saying it's pretty common these days.

    Unfortunately, yeah. Wii U did it first and Wii U did it worst. Took me way longer than 20 minutes and several attempts to get mine working.

    Deal with it. PS4 all the way.

    cheers for the information,First time ever having xbox live and that was only to play halo 4 (big let down)

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