PSA: Destiny 2 Lightfall Preload Patch Is Over 100GB, Plan Your Evening Accordingly

PSA: Destiny 2 Lightfall Preload Patch Is Over 100GB, Plan Your Evening Accordingly

Happy 24-hours-of-Destiny-2-downtime day, folks. The Lightfall expansion debuts tonight and the patch preload is ready for download. The 24 hours of downtime are of course a bummer to get through for those that play Destiny 2 frequently. It may, however, may come in handy today once you hear about how big the pre-patch download actually is.

Strap in. For most platforms, the download clocks in at over 100GB. If you were hoping to race home and get stuck in right away, you may need to change up your schedule to accommodate for the size of the download. Even on a high-end domestic NBN connection, you’ll be waiting a little while for it to complete.


Those of you on PC will likely be downloading Destiny 2 Lightfall preload from one of three places: Steam, the Epic Store, or the Microsoft Store. In all three cases, the total patch size is 102.6GB and you’ll need around 233GB for the completed install. I will note that, with Steam’s download compression, my download was crunched down to 81.6GB. Your mileage may vary.


PlayStation 5 owners running a fresh install will need to make sure they select the correct version of the game, lest they install the PS4 version. The PS5 version of the Lightfall preload clocks in at 102.6GB, with the PS4 version coming in smaller at 88.21GB.


Xbox users on the Series X|S version of the game cop the biggest Lightfall preload across all platforms at 108GB, with the Xbox One version weighing in at 89.2GB. Unlike the PS5 and PS4 versions, Xbox users don’t have to double check versions. Your console will download the version appropriate to your console automatically.

For more on the Lightfall patch and download, you can read the full Version patch notes right over here.

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