The Bureau Adds New XCOM Missions Next Week, But Only For Xbox 360

The Bureau Adds New XCOM Missions Next Week, but Only for Xbox 360

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified regroups on the Xbox 360 with its first new downloadable missions, which will be exclusive to that platform. In it, players will explore events before the extraterrestrial attack on Groom Range that kicked off the main game's story.

They'll be doing so with Agent Nico DaSilva, as "Hangar 6 R&D" takes place before main protagonist William Carter is recruited to the Bureau of Operations and Command — which becomes XCOM. According to this post on 2K Games' official site, DaSilva appears to be participating in a series of tests.

DaSilva will have a new series of powers and perks, but may also upgrade his path using some of the standbys available to Carter in the main game. New weapons, including an AK-47 and a microwave gun "that cooks enemies from the inside out" will be available as well. 2K Marin says "there's enough experience to level up a couple of agents of every class," so this won't be some one-off series of events.

"Hangar 6 R&D" will be available on Tuesday for $US4.99 on Xbox Live. There is more information and two more images at the link.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Developer Blog — Hangar 6 R&D DLC [2K Games]


    I loved this game - I think it's underrated.

    "2K Marin says “there’s enough experience to level up a couple of agents of every class,” so this won’t be some one-off series of events."

    But I maxed out all my agents hours before the end of the game (aside from my main, who hit max during the final mission sequence). Did they raise the level cap?

    I adored XCOM Enemy Unknown, but thought this game was pretty damn meh. Obviously an exec said "WE WANT MASS EFFECT COMBAT" but they failed to capture the magic of the bits BETWEEN the shooting in Mass Effect. And the fact you basically see 90% of the game in the first handful of missions doesn't help either -_-

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