The Chaos Of Battlefield 4 Looks Peaceful In Timelapse Video

The Chaos Of Battlefield 4 Looks Peaceful In Timelapse Video

Recorded and sped up on a PC, in spectator mode, YouTuber derbestefan’s video shows a completely different Battlefield. Sixty-four players are fighting each other on the beta map, without interruption. Skyscrapers are collapsing. Snipers on the rooftops are doing what they always do. Still, all of it is peaceful and calm.

Timelapse on Siege of Shanghai, Battlefield 4 Beta [YouTube]


  • have u guys played the demo?

    i havnt yet but from the looks of it ..
    it looks jkust like bf3 just with different map and physic
    can someone confirm ?

  • The chaos of BF4 is what they have done with locking, homing rpg’s and hitboxes the size of jumbo jets on helicopter………………….

    Lets just hope they fix these and many other big problems with the beta before it makes release otherwise there is going to be a lot of pissed off nerds me included!

    • I really hope you are on console…. the pc version feels massively different…. yes its essentially the same game but i could list about 50 differences off the top of my head. One of the biggest forum posts is dedicated to just how different the movement feels.

      If your on pc play an hour of bf4 then go back to bf3…. straight away you will feel lighter on your feet and more agile in bf3 and that alone changes the whole game.

        • There are plenty of improvements to the game over BF3. It’s what BF3 was meant to be, BF3 was still a great game. Why does BF4 have to be drastically different?

          But I say again, they have made so many improvements that seem to go unnoticed or ignored

      • Completely agree, the guns the movement everything feels a lot heavier, almost like its another deliberate step away from the run and gun COD style gameplay.

  • Clearly this is on PC

    If you’d been playing this on the 360, you’d be puking in a boot at how badly it looks and plays.

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