'The Scariest Thing' Conan O'Brien Has Ever Seen

To get in the spirit of Halloween, Conan O'Brien checks out some scary PC games in the dark. Conan plays Slender, Amnesia and Outlast. But which one will frighten him? Bore him? Remind him of German porn?


    I agree with him entirely on slender, its not scary and bored me to tears.

    haha that one guy that cheered when he said Amnesia

    Amnesia is genuinely scary. Outlast has some pretty scary moments, especially if you're quite vulnerable to jump-scares, as I am.

    But Slender? I have never, ever understood why that game is scary. The "slender-man" isn't a scary monster - he's a guy. A faceless guy, in a business suit. The scariest thing I expect from him is a tax audit. He doesn't even move very fast and the only thing that happens when he gets near you is static. He seems harmless, he looks harmless - he looks like a basketball player who decided to go into finance.

      Dude tax audits are legit scary.

      "Dear Mr Korolev,

      Please be advised after performing an audit on your taxation claims over the past 10 years we have found you are owing the goverment $100000+ 3.5%interest compounded over 10 years. You have 5 business days to rectify this "


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