These Bronze Lemmings Statues Are Incredible

Many iconic characters have wormed their way out of Dundee in Scotland, but perhaps the most iconic of all is Lemmings. Now Scottish artist Alyson Conway is attempting to celebrate that legacy with a series of gorgeous bronze Lemmings statues dotted throughout the area where its creators, DMA Design, once resided.

Anyone who has ever visited Dundee knows it needs all the brightening up it can get. The Lemmings dotted around the city take up some of the familiar Lemmings poses, there’s the climbing Lemming, the bricklaying Lemming: a bunch of Lemmings all going about their Lemmings tasks. The idea, Conway said, in an interview with Scottish Games Network, was to make it look as though they had just crawled out of the place where they were created.

Brilliant work.

Let’s Go! Lemmings In The Real World… [Scottish Games Network]

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