Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

Though we're rather close to the official release to Pokemon X & Y, there are still new snippets of information that are bubbling up. Today, for example, CoroCoro magazine scans that showcase three new Mega Pokemon appeared on Serebii.

Obviously, if you don't want these Pokemon spoiled, you should probably stop reading now!

Otherwise, you can find the scans of Mega Gengar, Mega Aggron, and Mega Tyranitar here. Another Pokemon, Mega Kangaskhan, also appears — but it had been confirmed earlier this year, along with other Mega Pokemon.

All the other Pokemon have a number of images floating around online purporting to be from early copies of the game — and they seem to confirm the CoroCoro scans.

A Reddit post of Mega Gengar for example, from MonicaMalice on Reddit:

Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

A video by TheOneIntegral showcasing a couple of different screenshots:

According to alleged screenshots that are around the web Mega Gengar is supposed to be ghost/poison type, and it has the "Shadow Tag" ability:

Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

There is also an alleged screenshot posted by halvin_and_cobbes on Reddit of Mega Aggron in the training minigame:

Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

Similarly, supposed Mega Tyranitar screenshots have been posted by SilverBlastoise on Reddit, although it is rather blurry:

Three More Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolutions Leak

Again, it should be noted that the last two screenshots are of the balloon Pokemon you play with in a minigame in X & Y and NOT of the actual Pokemon. However, their existence seems to corroborate the CoroCoro scans in one way.

Pokemon X & Y officially releases on October 12th, though some copies of the game seem to have leaked already. And in case you needed a refresher: Mega Evolution refers to a temporary power-up that Pokemon can gain in battle. In order to perform it, players need to find the appropriate Mega stone in Pokemon X & Y. You can learn more details about Mega Evolutions here.

(Via Serebii)


    So has anywhere broken street date yet in AU?

      Not that I know of, but doesn't matter. The leaks elsewhere pretty much guarantee Nintendo will never try this again.

      Thanks you greedy fuckers who couldn't wait.

      Nah unfortunately. I've tried JB and they're pretty clued in. Kinda sucks though with the all the leaks flying around. I've only spoiled the new pokemon and nothing else...

        I just spoiled Mega Aggron, but I refuse to spoil Mega Tyranitar.

        Also, I have spoiled all 3 starters final evo's. I was going to choose Fennekin, but her final evo looks really lame :(

        Also, I plan on getting Charizard, so I can't have 2 fire mains.

        Last edited 11/10/13 3:41 pm

      Shin Tokyo in Adelaide started selling copies today.
      My mate picked up my copy of Y for me.
      Other local shops such as Gametraders are refusing to sell today and will NOT price match tomorrow simply because they claim it will sell regardless - this attitude really puts me off shopping at such places.

      Last edited 11/10/13 5:09 pm

      I was in target a couple days ago, and there was a nintendo rep delivering a display for X&Y and the 2DS's, he was saying to teh clerks over and over again "YOU CANNOT sell these until the 12th, at all, you shouldn't even have them available yet, im not sure why you do, but there is an embargo... do not sell till teh 12th"

      Dude was proper power trippin

    Would like to know too if any street breakage :)

    Lol SOME copies have leaked early? I'm fairly sure most of Europe already have it! Game Freak are either going to bin the worldwide release date for the next games, or tighten up on the shipping schedules closer to the actual release date. They sure could learn a lesson from Rockstar, their release for GTA V was completely air tight!

      Not really, GTA V leaked about a week in advance.. I doubt they will change the worldwide release date, they aren't losing any money from leaks.

        Exactly. It frustrates me to no end how anal Nintendo/GF are being about early sales. It actually makes me want the game less. Does it REALLY matter in the end who gets it early? They are still profiting

        Last edited 11/10/13 5:12 pm

    EB Games shipped on Tuesday, arrived today but I'm at work.

    Oct 12th, as in tomorrow? How did I know the PGL comes back up tomorrow, and that X & Y come out on the 12th Oct, but not realise that tomorrow was the release date? I think I may actually have developed brain damage at some point...

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