1000 Zombie Kills In Dead Rising 3

From what I've seen so far, Dead Rising isn't just the best retail launch title on Xbox One, it might be the best launch title across both next generation consoles. Think zombies. Think Saints Row. Think inventive wholesale slaughter. That's Dead Rising 3.

The selling point for the game, and what makes it a 'next gen' experience, is the scale of it. The amount of zombies shuffling around the landscape, the massive variety in how you can dispose of said zombies. That's what makes Dead Rising unique.

This video from IGN is pretty cool. It shows off a 'thousand' different zombie kills and while I didn't take the time to count and verify their '1000' claim, there are a lot of deaths here, and they are fun to watch.

Have at it.


    @markserrels sorry to be off topic, but the contact us form doesn't seem to working.

      Also while we're at it, the twitter followers is broken too. :P

      Already told him on twitter, probably didn't see it >_>

    I saw double mini chain saws in there. I know it's pretty much cheating and removing all difficulty from the game, but getting three books and mini chainsaws defined Dead Rising for me. Just being massively over powered against mountains of stupid enemies.

    Also, did he just blow his own clothes off at the end?

      Oooooh yes. But it was fun discovering that. :D

      The cat looks awesome in this one. Can't wait to build and try it out.

    JB have DR3 + Controller + Play/Charge kit for $139. Pretty good deal if you're after a second controller and want to get this game.

      Definitely doing that! Going to head over to JB this weekend to move my Watch Dogs preorder money to that bundle. I wasn't originally going to get DR3 but I recently revisted DR2 and got hooked - which I'm sure was Microsoft's plan when they released DR2 as a "free games for gold" bonus back in September.

        Same here. I had my reservations thinking that it's just going to be the same as the previous games (which it will), but it looks like good fun. Shame about the 30fps, but it's no biggie.

          The odd thing is most people had reservations thinking it wasn't going to be enough like the previous games, and lose it's wacky edge in favour of gritty realism.

          Of course I hardly played any of DR1 and my DR2 hype is on the upswing, so I guess I'm not really bothered it it's more of the same.

            Yeah, that was my concern when they were talking about DR3 but watching the video it seems like they meant it almost purely in terms of art direction. I'm a big fan of the series and going by this video the game will deliver on most of the stuff I liked about the originals (although they've monkeyed with the mission timer stuff which I'm not a fan of).

    This is the gameplay they should have shown in the Xbox One presentation at E3 when they unveiled launch titles. I still have no idea what they were thinking people actually wanted back then.

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