Dead Rising 3 Explores A Grittier Sort Of Zombie Apocalypse

Dead Rising 3 isn’t designed to be the laugh riot of the older Dead Risings. The Xbox One exclusive from Capcom Vancouver is a grittier kind of zombie game.

It’s set 10 years after Dead Rising 2, the game’s executive producer Josh Bridges told me during a demo of the game on Monday evening. New hero Nick Ramos is going to be having a rougher time.

Zombies had been treated as toys, Bridge said, but in this one they’re more deadly. They can make sounds to communicate with each other.

“It’s about the horde, horde AI,” the game’s producer Josh Bridges said.

Dead Rising 1 had less than a thousand zombies on screen at once. Dead Rising 2 upped that. Dead Rising 3 should have three times as many of zombies as Dead Rising 2.

“It’s not about how many but how much fun,” Bridge said. He said the zombies now have weight and mass, so that if you drive through them in a car, it will affect the handling of the car.

The game is set in the city of Los Perdidos. That city is going to be vaporized or firebombed, so you only have a set amount of time to get through the game. You’ve got six days in game-time. Or, if you prefer old Dead Rising, you can dial it down to three days.

You can now combine weapons on the fly and use lockers that have shared inventory to make player’s lives easier. Saving is now automatic in regular mode, but in the game’s classic three-day nightmare mode, you can only save in bathrooms.

While the E3 demo took place in dark gritty streets and not in a bright shopping mall or casino town, Bridge said the game will be full of colourful Capcom references. He vowed that the Servbot mask will be back.

The game will use Smart Glass to not just show a map but offer couch co-op. The Smart Glass app actually makes your phone look like… a phone. The co-op player has found a military phone and can call in military strikes.

While playing, you can flick the controller to shove zombies away. The Kinect picks up on that. You can also yell out to alert the zombies. Which… sounds like a great recipe for griefing.

The third instalment of the premiere zombie slaughter simulator is coming exclusively to the Xbox One this November.


    Don't we have enough gritty zombie games?

      You could say the same about Mario games but people keep buying them.

        Nope not even close. Mario games are from one universe. Gritty zombie games can be from any publisher on any console.

      no.... we can never have too many zombie games
      haha that being said, hopefully dead rising 3 is more engaging than the previous 2. I brought both, loved them, but never finished them. I always had fun shooting zombies with nerf guns, but found I got bored quickly

    I don't know I feel about this. It seems like its trying to fit into an overcrowded market. I liked its hilarious style in previous titles. Hmm.

    Last edited 12/06/13 4:30 pm

      I kind of agree but did you watch the gameplay video? The idea of so many zombies to handle seems really fun. Its like a herd in the walking dead comic

    I wish it was 2 player co-op, heck, even 4. I wouldn't play this single player but is buy it for co-op

    Oh how I wish this wasn't an XB one exclusive...

      It wont remain that way. DR1 was originally XBox360 only, it came to wii and ps3 got 2 as well, this will end up on ps4. I will bet my life on it.

      Last edited 12/06/13 6:26 pm

        Remember, Microsoft are really heavily pushing exclusivity for the XBOX One. Besides, even if it's only a timed exclusive I want this day one. So frustrated with Capcom right now.

          Dead Rising was an exclusive as well, lots of the original exclusives ended up at some point ported. Like I said, give it time.

    This is the one game I'm pissed isn't going to be on PS4. I liked dead rising 2, but so much of it was bad i just couldn't keep playing it seriously to follow the story, the controls using anything other than a melee weapon were horrendous, and unfortunately when you're going up against armed soldiers it made the game frustratingly tough. This style and tone is waaaay up my alley, but I'm not going anywhere near the XBone so i'll just have to make friends with the one person in that buys one.

      Like the original Dead Rising there's a certain knack to the combat. It's best to avoid guns as they're intentionally clunky. If you haven't played the first it sounds crazy, but the DR2 controls were way ahead of the original. Hopefully DR3 will be a step forward again. All it'd take is lock on aiming ala Crackdown where you can aim for limbs, torso or head and it'd be great.

        As I only have a PS3 (a choice made solely on the fact that MGS4 was PS3 exclusive) so I only got to play DR2 and was pretty psyched on it at first. I ended up trading it, because of the stupid gun controls, it just felt so counter-intuitive, when so many other 3rd person games make it super easy it felt like a massive step backwards in making it more clunky and complicated than it needed to be.

          Yeah it's a weird choice. Especially when you factor in that it can actually detect your current target based on camera position pretty well. Well enough they could do a Mega Man Legends style lock based aim system (rumor is Dead Rising's hidden agenda was to make an engine that could be used for Mega Man Legends).

          The two biggest things that turn people off the game are both traps intentionally put there by the developers. Guns aren't meant to be useful, but the game convinces you that you'll need them when you should be focusing on using simple, durable melee weapons and special attacks. You're not meant to save everyone, but again the game convinces you that you need to when really you should just save as many as you can while comfortably completing case missions.

            I definitely see your point about guns, it does make some sense to make them less easy to use compared to melee, but they could have circumvented that by just making ammo more scarce, so you would have to go back to melee.

            I really like the idea of a time based game though, where you have to make tough choices as to who to save, makes it that much more like a real zombie apocalypse scenario. And it encourages multiple play throughs!

    Sad that this game has heading in a darker/more serious direction. Going to miss the snark remarks , the over the top combat and shit you could do and the colourful environment.

    ugh, looks like they have forgotten why gamers loved the first game (and to a lesser extent imo the second) and have chosen to release another boring "brown" game.

    I was really surprised to read everyone complaining about it being gritty tbh. I watched the trailer and thought it looks like a natural progression... I mean, the bit with throwing the saw! I lolled heartily. The only complaint I really had was the wanky smart glass artillery and the fact it could probably have been released on 360 anyway.

    Why all the hate for this game? They've showed one single section, and small amount of gameplay, and people are annoyed that it doesn't look or feel like older games.

      They're annoyed because it's on the Xbox One and they seem to be Sony fanboys.

    I didn't like the previous iterations in the series but this one looks awesome - I was hoping for even more grit, but it wouldn't be Dead Rising I suppose if it didn't have some tongue and cheek. I do agree that games like this would be great as co op, but I don't mind as that just mean I have to find friends. It would appear that the whole smart glass incorporation in all these games is the new motion control, in other words another useless fad.

    Sure zombie games are a dime a dozen, but how many are really good? I haven't played one that held my attention - so I really want a zombie evolution - and the amount of zombies in this game is a good start, but I also want tension and survival tactics. In saying that it was quite entertaining watching the character mow down the zombies in a car.

    Reminds me of when SSX got announced for 360 and PS3. It looked much darker and looked like it had none of the colour from the previous entries into the series. It turned out to have a bit of both worlds. I'm hoping DR3 does the same.

    I'm annoyed because I like Capcom's IP but it's exclusive for now on a console that Microsoft has designed with introduced restrictions despite knowing in advance that people didn't want it like that. The 360 was great too btw.

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