$48 Million Worth Of Cocaine Found On A Japanese Beach

$48 Million Worth of Cocaine Found on a Japanese Beach

That's a lot of cocaine. According to Japan's Fuji Network News, a local in the city of Yokosuka discovered four backpacks packed with the drug.

Each bag contained about 20 bricks of cocaine, wrapped in plastic and weighing one kilogram each.

In total, there were 80kg of coke. With a street value of ¥4.8 billion ($48 million), this the biggest illegal drug seizure in Japanese history.

横須賀市の砂浜に、末端価格48億円のコカイン80kg入りリュック [FNN]


    I am not sure how this is relevant to games.

      well... there was a Scarface game I guess...

      Did u actually expect a game related article on kotaku? Anyway that's a nice present

        Did u actually expect a game related article from Bashcraft?

        FTFY ;p

      EB Games will have to look elsewhere for its supply for the next GTA launch.

    What they haven't said, is that there were 5 bags.

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